Sheridan: Dwight Howard Unhappy in Houston; Headed to Miami?

Harden & Howard

Dwight Howard is extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden, multiple league sources tell And with the Rockets underachieving more than any NBA team, look for them to try to move Howard later this season. And the destination that makes the most sense is Miami in a trade centered around Hassan Whiteside. It makes so much sense, in fact, that I will go so far as to predict that Howard will be wearing a Miami Heat


Three-Team Trade Analysis: Warriors Win Big; Celtics Will Stink Even More


Memo to Brad Stevens: You are the new Michael Dukakis in Massachusetts. For those too young to remember, a short history lesson: Before he got trampled in the 1988 U.S. presidential election, the former governor of Massachusetts tried to toughen up his softie image by doing a photo op with Army troops, riding on an Abrams M1 tank. The whole thing was so ludicrous, so obviously staged, that Dukakis riding a tank became a euphemism for anything that seemed so completely out


Sheridan: What Could the Knicks Get For Carmelo Anthony?


Word on the street today is louder than ever that Carmelo Anthony wants out of New York. How do we know this? Marc Berman and Frank Isola are writing it hard in the New York tabloids, and both of those fellas are as plugged into their team as any beat writers in North America. You can bristle at Isola’s anti-Berman’s tweets – a constant source of amusement for anyone who follows the Knicks – and you can bristle at Berman’s wardrobe, which


Sheridan: Let’s Try to Trade Waiters, Shumpert, Turner and Deng


Trades happen. And when they happen, good things can follow. Need proof? How about Marcin Gortat’s 11-for-12 shooting performance Wednesday night? Granted, it came against the woeful Milwaukee Bucks. But Gortat is 17-for-20 in his last two games, and the Washington Wizards – who dealt the injured Emeka Okafor for him prior to the season – appear to be headed to the playoffs as they float near .500 in the woeful Eastern Conference – which has two, count ’em, two! – teams


Sheridan: Three Trade Possibilities for Omer Asik


He is the greatest Turk since Kamal Ataturk! OK, maybe that’s pushing it a little too far. But Turkish native Omer Asik is a better-than-serviceable legitimate NBA center, and there is one NBA truism (centers always get paid) that goes hand- in-hand with another: Centers have high value on the trade market. No doubt Rockets GM Daryl Morey will be asking for the moon and stars in an Asik deal, because that’s what he learned from making so many trades with the New


Tweet of the Day: Potential Blockbuster Trade Scares Celtics’ Biggest Fan

The 2013 NBA Draft is here. And, as the future of many NBA hopefuls draws nearer, the NBA front office phones ring with regularity. Many are trying to trade up or trade down in the draft. Some are trying to acquire players. Two of the latter include the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, who have been engaged in “advanced talks” for the better part of an hour, to finalize a deal that could send Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn


Sheridan: Four ways to trade DeMarcus Cousins


It should come as a surprise no one if the Sacramento Kings look to trade DeMarcus Cousins rather than let this headache of a player makes their lives even more miserable. Cousins’ confrontation with coach Keith Smart at the end of the first quarter that led to his second-half benching Friday night and his subsequent one-game suspension Saturday for “conduct detrimental to the team” means one thing …  [Read more…]


Future free agency: Who is the next Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard

Are you happy that the interminable saga surrounding Dwight Howard’s next destination is mercifully over? Yeah, us too. Most NBA observers – and we’re talking about everyone from Commissioner David Stern to billionaire owners to sleep-deprived GMs to fellow superstars to media members to fans to forum flamers – are mentally moving on from Howard now that he finally has been traded from the Orlando Magic to the Los Angeles Lakers. Yes, there is a faction of folks who feel there may be