SH Blog: Calipari to Lakers? Dumars to step down; Kyrie and Dion put an end to the rumors

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UCONN upset Kentucky Monday night in the National Championship game, defeating the wildcats 60-54 in an up-and-down game that they led buzzer-to-buzzer.

There were big shots and highlight plays made all night by NBA level talent. The game could have gone either way until UCONN wrapped things up with just under two minutes to play. The presentation, broadcast and atmosphere were A-plus.

Shabazz Nappier and Ryan Boatright were phenomenal.

Kentucky’s heralded freshman class flashed NBA talent. Especially James young.

It was the second fantastic title game in a row. 

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Gonzo on NCAAs: Guards Will Make the Difference in the Final Four

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Sheridan_hoops_banner (1)I was sitting at the famed Carnegie Deli in NYC over some matzoh ball soup with my dear friend and Jewish godfather (and also a recent basketball Hall of Fame nominee) Howard Garfinkel, who mentioned a quote from a once-famous basketball coach named Elmer Ripley.

The quote dates back more than 50 years and was delivered at a coaching clinic: “The big men are all the same. It’s the guards that make the difference.”

Being that I was once a proud point guard myself, and that Garf was always considered the King of discovering great guards, this quote has always stayed with me and has had a profound impact on my basketball philosophy.

Tweet of the Night: Kentucky is off to the Final Four

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Harrison TwinsWith 2.3 seconds remaining and the NCAA Tournament’s last Final Four spot on the line, Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison gave us our tournament moment.

A good three feet behind the 3-point line, Harrison rose with confidence over Michigan’s Chris LeVERT, an outstanding defender that was constantly impacting the game on that end of the floor all game.


Gonzo on NCAAs: Sweet 16 (And Final Four) Predictions

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Sheridan_hoops_banner (1)As far back as I can remember, it was always “You bring your guys and I’ll bring my guys, and Let’s Have At It. This year’s Sweet 16 reminds me very much of that old axiom.

As close friends and family can attest, I have always been considered a basketball savant — from a very early age as they would say Bobby is of those coaches who can beat you with his guys, then turn around and beat you with your guys.

Now, after 18 consecutive years as a Division 1 college coach, these last few years not having my own team has been both rewarding and enlightening, but this is the time of the year you start to miss it — the preparation of getting your team ready for a big-game, 40-minute single-game elimination with the utmost pressure — something most people will never understand or get to experience.

For me, there was no greater experience.

Sprung: A Statistical Look Inside The 2014 Sweet 16

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ncaaAs it often does, the NCAA Tournament provided a wild first weekend.

Mercer saved Warren Buffett $1 billion, Dayton won the state of Ohio and reached the Sweet 16 for the first time in 30 years, Stanford sent Andrew Wiggins and Kansas packing, and the young Kentucky Wildcats ended Wichita State’s dream season.

So out of the 32 second and third-round games won by the 16 teams still in contention for the national championship, what statistical trends and insights can we gain from looking back at what the successful teams did to reach this point?

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