Gibson: Gustavo Ayon and the European Buyout


One year ago, the Hornets bought power forward Gustavo Ayon out of his Fuenlabrada (ACB) contract and brought him to New Orleans several days before their unlocked season tipped off.

Ayon started 24 games as a 26-year-old rookie and was shipped to Orlando in a sign-and-trade for Ryan Anderson this summer.  That’s fairly incredible value for someone New Orleans plucked from a small Spanish club only 12 games into its ACB season.

So will Ayon’s leap become the archetype for signing post-draft eligible prospects abroad?  Almost certainly not. Or at least not exactly.

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Hubbard: New Orleans Should Embrace “Pelicans”


We come to you today to praise the memory of the Swamp Dragons, who are part of NBA lore but not part of NBA history. They were so close to being real – at least as real as a nickname and mascot could be.

But they were extinguished at the last minute, and the only part of them that lives is a logo.

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Tweet of the Day: Anthony Davis

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These days, for most of us with average (at best) athleticism and hopes of attaining the “American Dream,” college is imperative, not optional.

For professional athletes, that is completely arbitrary. It is, however, encouraging to see athletes go back to school to complete their degrees…especially, seeing as it sets an example for the many young fans who follow them and their careers.

New Orleans Pelicans Hornets star rookie Anthony Davis and his former Kentucky teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (currently with the Charlotte Bobcats) are planning to embark on that path.

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Geltzeiler: The Vetoed Trade, One Year Later

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It was the one-year anniversary of the eruption of Mount Stern, a moment when he made an unprecedented decision in the immediate aftermath of the settlement that ended the 2011 NBA lockout.

Commissioner David Stern squashed a trade that would have sent Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers in a three-team deal with the New Orleans Hornets and the Houston Rockets.

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Tweet of the Day: Stephen Curry

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The Hornets future in New Orleans is expected to soon come to an end.

No, the team is not moving elsewhere. They are, however, expected to change their team name.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, just check out the reaction from Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

Pelicans?? Ready to see the mascot
Stephen Curry