Carmelo Anthony has a Twitter fight with Knicks fan


Carmelo_AnthonyIs Carmelo Anthony reaching his breaking point?

Throughout a remarkably frustrating season for the New York Knicks, Anthony has pretty much kept his cool. He hasn’t questioned management or ownership, thrown any teammates under the bus or purposely extended the narrative about his future.

Anthony also has played very well – nearly as well as he did last season, when the Knicks won 54 games and he was a legitimate MVP candidate. His points (26.3 ppg) are down, but so are his shots (20.8). His shooting percentage is practically the same, his assists, blocks and steals are up slightly, and he is averaging a career-high 8.8 rebounds.

But on the final day of 2013, Anthony may have finally given in to the burden of trying to carry a team that is playing well short of its expectations. 

Bernucca: Can the Eastern Conference Even Field an All-Star team?


AS14_NewOrleans_LogosheetAmid its myriad injuries, its dozen teams below .500 and its 44-98 record against the Western Conference, 159299855_Rondo_ASPortsthere is a looming question regarding the Eastern Conference:

Can the East even field an All-Star team?

A year ago, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, Kyrie Irving, Brook Lopez and Jrue Holiday were among the East’s All-Stars. You can make the argument – irrefutable in some cases, strong in others – that none of those players should be invited back this season.

And a handful of the usual suspects with All-Star resumes – Derrick Rose, Deron Williams, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, Al Horford – won’t fill the void because they have been injured or awful.

Not even Rudy Gay – who at $17.9 million is the league’s highest-paid player who never has been an All-Star - can grab one of the spots now that he has been traded to the West.

So who will be filling the dozen spots? Lotsa Pacers, lotsa Heat and lotsa guys making their All-Star debuts.

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SH Blog: Dolan Says Woodson is Safe; Kidd Losing Support With Nets; Al Horford Tears Pectoral Muscle

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WoodsonWhile the news of the day is most certainly that Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook will be sidelined until after the All-Star break due to an unexpected arthroscopic knee surgery, life in the NBA must go on.

And on it will go for the New York Knicks, who according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, will remain intact for the time being: 

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PODCAST: Should you bet the Pistons (maybe) or the Knicks/Nets (no)?

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We have quite the interesting post up today from Evan Abrams, known on Twitter as @Betropolitan, who lists the odds — and they are very long odds — on anybody other than the Indiana Pacers or Miami Heat emerging from the Eastern Conference. You can even get 40-1 odds on the Detroit Pistons, who have defeated both of those conference powerhouses.

Those are the same odds listed for the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, who both have major problems on their hands and no easy solutions.

In this interview with Jody MacDonald on WFAN in New York, we hit on the problems of the local teams, what the silver lining is for each of them, and what can be done via trade or via patience for the Knicks and Nets to turn their seasons around.

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Gambling on the Eastern Conference: Long odds on everyone not named Pacers or Heat



Brain-twister for you today, folks.

Go back to the start of the 2005-06 regular season, and try to name a superstar player who has represented the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals. Your answer cannot include LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo or Ray Allen.

It’s OK. Keep thinking … 

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