Schayes: Why Preseason Trips, Near and Far, Can Be Onerous


With preseason winding down, the excitement is building for the start of the NBA season —  for the players, that is. The NBA preseason is a necessary part of the game as teams prepare for the long season. However that does not make it fun. If you want fun, think baseball Spring Training. Teams go to some wonderful part of the country for 6 weeks. The players move in, bringing their golf clubs and families. They ease into the season at


Tweet of the Night: Luol Deng Concerned About Injuries


With the NBA regular season just nine short days away, players and teams are turning it up a notch to prepare for the first meaningful games since spring. Chris Paul dropped 40 last night. Kevin Durant 36 two nights before. Luol Deng doesn’t bring that type of offensive firepower to the table, but he’s still more than ready to get back on the court with the Chicago Bulls, a popular favorite to dethrone the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference.


Tweet of the Night: Kendall Marshall Has “Old Man” Experience

Kendall Marshall

It is bound to happen to most men. Whether it be their daughter or little sister, most guys typically make light of needing a shotgun to fend off the womanizing young beasts knocking down the door. It is the moment in most men’s lives that they fear before it ever comes, watching the little lady in their lives grow up and walk out the door [typically, this action involves some sort of dance (junior prom, senior prom, etc.)]. For Phoenix Suns guard Kendall


Who Is Looking Good This Preseason?


Many fans don’t put much stock in the NBA preseason for some reason, and it’s something that I’ve always found puzzling. Like any good book, the preseason can provide a table of contents for the upcoming season with many interesting details and storylines. For me, it’s always about development and which players are in the right situations at the right time. On top of that, it’s seeing if they know that situation and if they are prepared to own it. I’ve taken


Schayes: 10 Predictions for 2013-14 Season

crystal ball

Is it an honor to go last? I hope that’s what Sheridan was thinking when he assigned my the final edition of our senior staff writers’ 10 Season Predictions. The funny thing is that I am enough of a senior citizen to have had each of our esteemed prognosticating vets (Sheridan, Mark Heisler, Jan Hubbard, Chris Bernucca, Peter May) cover me with a notebook and tape recorder in their hands. And now I am an ink-stained wretch just like them. Woo-hoo.