Bernucca: You Can Have the NCAA Tournament


sportsWICHITAstate_t640I don’t like the NCAA Tournament.

I don’t like that college basketball’s regular season provides little postseason incentive. I don’t like that the coach is a bigger personality than the players. I don’t like that the games are played on neutral courts. I don’t like that one bad game or bad call or bad break can end a team’s season. I don’t like that “close” becomes a synonym for “well-played.” And I don’t like that poor play determines the outcome much more often than great play.

Most of all, I don’t like how I’m supposed to just accept that it’s fantastic and wonderful and beautiful, when it’s actually substandard basketball in a flawed format that tells me less and less every year about the game I love, which is the NBA.

I’m not trolling here. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’ve truly felt this way for a while. Part of it is admittedly a lingering distaste developed over more than a decade of working on a sports news desk and spending countless hours having to plan, preview, write, edit, update and package all of the words and numbers associated with the NCAA Tournament.

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Tweet of the Night: Reactions To Marcus Smart Shoving A Fan


Marcus Smart

Things were understandably heated last night between the Oklahoma State Cowboys and the Texas Tech Raiders. In what was supposed to be a simple NCAA game between the two programs, now has a controversial moment from it. Oklahoma State’s sophomore guard and projected lottery pick Marcus Smart came into conflict with a fan named Jeff Orr during tonights collegiate matchup.

In a game where Oklahoma State was trailing before ultimately losing 65-61 to Texas Tech, it was understandable why Smart would be frustrated to say the least. Unfortunately in an act of bad judgement, Smart engaged a fan that had been heckling him, resulting in Smart shoving the fan back away from him. Smart was given a technical foul for his actions, but was able to remain in the game.

Player safety is always a concern, but so is it a concern for fans as well. Officials from the NCAA and Oklahoma State University will undoubtedly review the situation to determine if any further action is necessary. Marcus Smart probably won’t be looking at any possible suspensions, but it will be interesting to see what action if any would be taking place.

Zagoria: Countdown to the Early Signing Period: 10 Top Committed and Uncommitted Prep Prospects


The NCAA early signing period for basketball runs from Nov. 13-20, and even with Tuesday’s commitment by Trey Lyles to Kentucky, there’s still a slew of elite prospects and future NBA lottery picks left on the board.

Here’s a look at the top 10 uncommitted and committed prospects in the Class of 2014, including perhaps the projected top three overall picks in the 2015 NBA draft.

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Kotoch: Withdrawals Strengthen 2014 NBA Draft

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draftlogoThe deadline to enter the 2013 NBA Draft was Sunday, and we now know this much — the 2013 draft will be OK at best.

The 2014 draft? It’ll be one for the ages.

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Kotoch: 2013 NBA Mock Draft 1.0.1



Things have changed since we published Mock 1.0 on April 1. The NCAA field is down to four teams, and a couple of the players in our Top 30 have decided to return to school or wait another year in Europe (Darko Saric).

Hence, Mock 1.0.1.

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