Canada Expects Wiggins, Ennis, Bennett in 2015 Olympic Qualifying, Targeting Gold in 2020

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NEW YORK -- Canadian men’s national team coach Jay Triano expects Andrew Wiggins, Tyler Ennis, Anthony Bennett and the country’s talented young core of basketball players to compete in Olympic qualifying in 2015. But he says the big payoff with this group might not come until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. “The future’s going to be great,” Triano, an assistant with the Portland Trail Blazers, told on Wednesday following a 94-90 win over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. “But it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s


NBA Has Record 92 International Players, But Three All-American Teams


Want to know what David Stern’s legacy will be? Just take a look at NBA rosters on Opening Night. More than 20 years ago – when he was a relative pup as a commissioner – Stern worked with Russ Granik, USA Basketball and FIBA to clear the way for NBA players to play in the Olympics. That led to the creation of the “Dream Team,” which, among others, featured the holy trinity of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Team USA


Tweet of the Day: Pau Gasol’s everlasting support of Spain


The Spanish Olympic committee couldn’t have elected a better spokesperson than Lakers forward Pau Gasol. The seven-footer has been actively promoting his country in an attempt to land the 2020 games. In a battle with Tokyo and Istanbul to host sport’s biggest event, Madrid fell short after the International Olympic Committee selected Tokyo in secret voting as the winning city. Gasol was an instrumental part of Madrid’s bid over the past week but was defeated Saturday. Thanks to all that have supported @Madrid2020ES .


Tweet of the Day: Steve Nash taking in some Canada Basketball

Steve Nash took on a daunting task last year when he agreed to become general manager of Canada’s Senior Men’s basketball team, a club that hasn’t had Olympic podium success since the 1936 summer games in Berlin, Germany. Steve Nash at a press conference for Canada Basketball in 2012. Besides running Canada’s basketball operations, Nash also focuses the majority of his time at improving his game by training in facilities all over North America during the offseason.


Hubbard: Remembering Jordan at 50 – Fun Behind the Scenes


While attempting to uncover a certain fact about Michael Jordan, an extended Google search proved futile. The fact would be wonderful to know because it would be a way of tormenting Jordan, and that’s always been fun to do because that’s what he’s always done to everyone else. In searching the internet, however, I couldn’t find out what time Jordan was born 50 years ago today. I’d like to know because if it was more than a few seconds after midnight


Tweet of the Day: Vince Carter

Vince Carter

Generally, the ultimate determinant of where a player’s legacy is inscribed in the history books is their championship ring count. Obviously not every player to suit up on the hardwood has won a ring, yet we still remember some more than others because of their undeniable talents.


SH Blog: Carmelo Anthony seeks championship, Stan Van Gundy says Magic front office to blame for Howard drama

Team USA

With all the major summer events – primarily the Olympics and Dwight Howard’s situation – coming to a quick close, there are bound to be plenty of stories to conclude all that has happened. That is exactly what we have for you in today’s news. Before you get there, though, be sure to check out a list of players that Chris Bernucca believes may become the next Dwight Howard.Carlos Delfino has agreed to terms with the Houston Rockets, according to


Tweet of the Day: Deron Williams

deron williams

Happy to be back home in NYC especially to see stuff like this driving back from JFK
Deron Williams
Tweet of the Day went to Deron Williams, who found himself back home in New York City and was greeted by one bizarre chicken-lizard looking creature. Unusual encounters aside, Williams makes his return to the States after attaining his second consecutive gold medal with Team USA. He managed to play 10 minutes in the final game  of the Olympics against Spain and scored six points. The experience should give him a boost of confidence, as he prepares for an exciting