SH Blog: Will The Lakers Trade Dwight? Garnett to LAC Dead For Now; Josh Smith Most Likely To Be Traded


There is an old adage that relates to both the sports and business world: “people are your most important asset.”

Since it’s no secret that the NBA is a bottom-line league, as Thursday’s trade deadline rapidly approaches these words of wisdom become even more ubiquitous.

But that doesn’t make them necessarily true. People are not your most important asset.

The RIGHT people are.

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Sheridan: Five Potential Trades That Make Sense


We are 48 hours away from the NBA trade deadline. Deals are being discussed, deals are going to happen, and deals are going to fall through.

Happens every year.

What makes this year different is the new collective bargaining agreement, with harsher luxury tax penalties on the horizon beginning with the 2013-14 season. The luxury tax line is going to act as a hard cap for all but the wealthiest owners – like guys who own gold mines in Siberia.

So expect to hear a lot of financial gobbledygook on Thursday night and Friday morning as NBA executives explain the moves they made.

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Tweet of the Day: Chris Paul

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The Los Angeles Clippers secured an important road victory Sunday afternoon at New York. They took control in the fourth quarter, pulling away to secure a 102-88 win over the Knicks. 

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Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Rankings: Week 14

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At this point in the season, with the Feb. 21 trade  deadline approaching, many teams with different situations regarding wins and losses are deciding whether a trade is the right move to make.

For most of the teams with a player in this week’s Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Rankings, there hasn’t been too much chatter.

The majority of teams with a stud player coming off the bench is in no need of a trade, because the majority of teams with a solid sixth man are in line to at the very least compete deep into the playoffs.

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Geltzeiler: An Open Letter to Rob Hennigan


Dear Rob,

I am writing this letter to you to apologize for my excessive criticism when I rushed to judgement.

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