Five Fast Facts From NBA Games 1.28.13


Having coffee and five hour energy at the ready,’s newest daily feature presents five interesting items from the previous night in the NBA. Seven games were on the schedule Monday. The Nuggets rallied after blowing a big lead, the Kings outlasted the Wizards on a late floater and the Rockets made history in Utah. Barney Stinson leads us to the bump…”this is going to be LEGEN – wait for it – DARY!!!” [Read more…]


Bernucca: Kevin Durant is the ideal NBA superstar

Shane Battier of the Heat defends Kevin Durant of the Thunder

I will be the first one to admit I’m late to the party on Kevin Durant.  I drink coffee, not Red Bull. My headphones are Sennheiser, not Beats or SkullCandy. I didn’t have a Twitter account until nine months ago. I still don’t have a Smartphone. So when some new phenomenon permeates basketball’s pop culture, I’m not exactly at the front of the line. In fact, I didn’t even attend the parties for Harold Miner, Derrick Coleman, Glenn Robinson, Joe Smith, Damon