Tweet of the Day: Anthony Davis Takes A Look Back On Throwback Thursday

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Thursdays on Twitter are typically when everyone posts pictures from something from their past. The trend is called “Throwback Thursday” or “#TBT.” NBA athletes are not excluded from participation, as many often post old photographs, sometimes from their childhood, high school or college. Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, who is said to be joining the Cleveland Cavaliers as soon as Andrew Wiggins is eligible to be traded on August 23rd, posted a photo from his high school days. Just prior to the big


PODCAST: Bobby Gonzalez on Witnessing Paul George Injury in Las Vegas


Paul George was used to playing in an NBA arena. Unfortunately, the Thomas & Mack Center is not an NBA arena, and it did not have an NBA-type basket stanchion at both ends of the court. Bobby Gonzalez, the former Division I NCAA coach at Seton Hall and Manhattan, was at Friday night’s Team USA scrimmage in Las Vegas when George suffered his gruesome broken leg injury. In this interview with Howard David on ESPNRadio in New York, Gonzalez describes what he


Gonzo: Leaving Las Vegas — Three Things You Didn’t Know About Team USA


LAS VEGAS – Team USA’s training camp ended disastrously with the gruesome leg fracture suffered by Paul George. Team leaders Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski postponed indefinitely any decisions on the makeup of the roster, which was the right thing to do. For the time being, our thoughts and prayers should be with Paul George and his family. With that being said, the U.S. national team will eventually move forward. And after having been with them for a week, up close and


SH Blog: Paul George Injury Could Shape Future of Team USA

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On a day as somber as Friday, August 1, it’s hard to focus on anything but the tragic incident involving Paul George. One of the league’s premier players suffered a gruesome leg injury that shook the association at its core. When something like this happens, it’s hard to do anything but offer support. Regardless of how hard it may be, it is necessary to look forward and acknowledge that this impacts more than just George and the Indiana Pacers. The NBA will be altered


NBA players show tremendous support after learning of Paul George’s gruesome leg injury


What should have been a terrific night of scrimmage basketball for Team USA turned into a nightmare on Friday when Paul George of the Indiana Pacers suffered a gruesome leg injury in the third quarter after landing on the backstop of the basket. There was initially a great vibe to start the final Showcase game with much anticipation surrounding the activities of Derrick Rose, who did not disappoint. Airing live on ESPN, it was the first time everyone had the chance to


Tweet of the Day: LeBron James Enticed By Vegas “King of the Hill”


This isn’t your child’s game of King of the Hill. No sir. No m’am. This is grown man, elite athlete, basketball “King of the Hill.” A game of one-on-one involving three players. It starts with Player 1 trying to score on Player 2. If he succeeds, Player 2 exits the floor and Player 3 takes over on defense. If Player 2 manages to prevent Player 1 from scoring, Player 1 exits and Player 2 moves to offense to try to score on Player