Kamenetzky: The Cali Report: What lies ahead?

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With the All-Star break on the not-so distant horizon, three of California’s teams are in various stages of a positive identity forge, while a fourth remains the stuck in “Fugitive-esque train wreck” mode. (Spoiler alert! The odd team out is the Sacramento Kings!) With that in mind, here’s a look at what’s brewing on the left coast.

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The Bernucca List – Edition 16


Last week’s winner was Brendan Hoover, who correctly identified The Bernucca List as “active second-round picks who have made an All-Star team.”

Brendan answered correctly within 10 minutes of the post in the middle of a weekday morning, which makes one wonder what his PER is at his job.

That can be explored at another time. We have a new list below, which has three common denominators.

First entirely correct answer gets a mention next week. You can answer in the comments section or send me a Tweet.

The Bernucca List

Mark Aguirre
Carmelo Anthony
Larry Bird
World B. Free
Billy Knight
Karl Malone
Moses Malone
Jerry Stackhouse
Peja Stojakovic
David Thompson
Kiki Vandeweghe