StatBox Breakdown: A Look At Who Got Extensions; and Who Didn’t

John Wall

The deadline for teams to sign players from the draft class of 2010 to extensions came and went at the stroke of midnight ET on Nov. 1. Those who did not get extensions will be unrestricted free agents this summer. Six players received extensions, with three of them getting done during the offseason. Two more were completed during training camp and the last one was executed Thursday in Memphis, just hours before the deadline. Meanwhile, three other rumored extensions did not get


10 Fun Facts From Last Night’s NBA Games

Phoenix Suns vs Maccabi Haifa

The first day of November featured 26 NBA teams in action in 13 games, 10 of which were decided by single digits. Three teams won by three points or less, and one game went to overtime. There were game-winning 3-pointers, stunning upsets and uncharacteristically poor performances by some of the best players in the world. Here’s what you need to know about what transpired on November 1. 1. With a 101-100 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, the Miami Heat have dropped to


The Numbers Say… Carter-Williams Makes History, D-12 Joins Houston’s Elite


First impressions are everything. For Philadelphia 76ers rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams, his first impression was a thorough domination of the defending NBA champion Miami Heat. Carter-Williams finished his regular season debut with 22 points, 12 assists, seven rebounds and nine steals on 6-of-10 shooting from the field and 4-of-6 from the arc as the Sixers pulled off a shocking 114-110 upset. If you’re impressed by those numbers, don’t stand up just yet – Carter-Williams was so good that he will sweep


Marks: No Tanks — Sixers Stun Heat


PHILADELPHIA—When they wake up and pinch themselves this morning – to the surprise of everyone but themselves – Brett Brown, Michael Carter-Williams and the rest of the Philadelphia 76ers will discover no, this was not a dream. They really did just beat LeBron James and the two-time defending champion Miami Heat, 114-110, at a raucous Wells Fargo Center where many had come to celebrate this franchise’s past but instead wound up cheering on one of the most improbable victories we may


Tweet of the Night: Magic Johnson’s prediction for ROY is Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams headshot

When the Miami Heat loses 114-110 to the Philadelphia 76ers – a team that some experts believed might have single-digit wins this season – you expect them to suffer serious backlash. Usually, that is the burden of being a two-time champion, and it’s what happened on Tuesday night, when the Los Angeles Clippers surprisingly got run over by the Los Angeles Lakers and took some serious heat from ESPN analyst Bill Simmons. It didn’t matter that the Heat missed Dwyane


Tweet of the Day: Finally Official, Allen Iverson Is Retired

We knew this day was coming. Allen Iverson, affectionately known around the NBA and its fans as “The Answer,” hasn’t played a professional game since January 8, 2011. Yet, anytime he walks in front of the media and a microphone, it is bound to be an emotional experience. Such was the case Wednesday as Iverson officially announced his retirement. The NBA tweeted the announcement.


NBA Has Record 92 International Players, But Three All-American Teams


Want to know what David Stern’s legacy will be? Just take a look at NBA rosters on Opening Night. More than 20 years ago – when he was a relative pup as a commissioner – Stern worked with Russ Granik, USA Basketball and FIBA to clear the way for NBA players to play in the Olympics. That led to the creation of the “Dream Team,” which, among others, featured the holy trinity of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. Team USA


Tweet of the Night: NBA Players Are Getting Into The Halloween Spirit


Whether by mere coincidence or divine providence, the start of the NBA season and Halloween coincide, with tip-off just two days before trick-or-treaters terrorize neighborhoods across the US. That being said, whether for a party, at a party or in preparation for spooky festivities, many NBA athletes took to social media to display costumes—of others or their own.