Omer Asik sits vs. Knicks, Wants to be Traded Again

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The result of the game Thursday night was almost secondary to what happened behind the scenes in the cavernous tunnels of Madison Square Garden. Unhappy with his role and the lack of playing time, Omer Asik reportedly asked for a trade at some point before the Knicks and Rockets took the court, as broken by Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. 


Rookie Rankings, Week 2: Injuries Make For Wide Open Race

Anthony Bennett

Last season, our Rookie Rankings were a Who’s Who. This season, it’s more like a Who’s That? Just two weeks into the season, we are startled by the number of lower picks who have played their way into the rankings – or, more accurately, the number of high picks on the outside looking in. Just to make sure our imagination wasn’t playing tricks on us, we went back to the second week of the 2012-13 rankings to see the breakdown of low picks


Marks: Boooo-num Returns — And Philly Shows its, ahem, Love

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PHILADELPHIA –They came to bury Andrew Bynum when the man who was supposed to be the 2013 Philadelphia 76ers’ savior—if only he could’ve played– came back to town last night. He wasn’t impressed with the frosty reception. “I thought it was a little weak, honestly,’’ Bynum said after a less-than-triumphant return to the city that once came out in droves to shower affection on him one sun-drenched August day in 2012. That now seems like light years ago. “I thought it would be


The Top 10 Surprises of the NBA season


It’s exactly 10 days into this NBA regular season, it feels like 10 weeks for those who cover the league on a regular basis, and a whole hell of a lot has already happened. Few things have gone as expected, of course the undefeated start for the Pacers is an exception, and surprises abound across the league. Here are 10 that immediately came to mind, including a pair of dazzling young point guards, one major market team in big trouble and


Rookie Rankings: Week 1 – Michael Carter-Williams Atop List


For the last decade, the 11th pick in the NBA draft has been a crapshoot. In 2011, the Golden State Warriors rolled a “yo” with Klay Thompson, who has shown All-Star potential. The previous year, however, the New Orleans Hornets selected Cole Aldrich, who has shown D-League potential. For every Jerryd Bayless, there’s an Acie Law. For every J.J. Redick, there’s a Terrence Williams. And let’s not forget the immortal Fran Vasquez, who wants to come to the United States about as


Schayes: A Statement about “Statement Games”


The NBA season is barely under way, and already there is talk of some statement games having taken place. Those are the games that match up two teams that possibly have implications for later playoff matchups or showcase two rival players battling for recognition as King of the Hill. On Opening Night in L.A., the Clippers-Lakers “rivalry” started with the Lakers playing an inspired game and beating the “other LA team” that is poised to make a serious run at the


10 Fun Facts from Last Night’s Games

Stephen Curry

Monday, November 4, 2013 marked yet another day of NBA basketball. Eight teams took part in four games, as three inter-conference battles and one clash between NBA championship contenders took the league by storm. Here’s everything you need to know about what transpired.