SH Blog: Kidd threw “13-letter word” against Lawrence, Clippers to acquire Stephen Jackson

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kiddnetsIt was reported last week that the divorce between Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank was brewing since the beginning of the season. Mike Mazzeo of ESPN came up with a few more details on what exactly went down:

Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd allegedly used “a 13-letter word” against assistant Lawrence Frank during a blow-up at some point following the team’s loss in Orlando on Nov. 3.

In an expletive-laced rant, Kidd told Frank to sit down and be quiet.

“I’m the coach of this [13-letter word] team,” Kidd said, according to

Frank was told at one point by somebody in the organization to curb his behavior on the bench during games and not be as active and demonstrative as he was earlier in the season, sources told The week before he learned he would not be helping run practices or sit on the bench during games, it was definitely noticeable that Frank wasn’t doing as much.

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Tweet of the Day: A Tale of Two NBA Quincys

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Quincy is not the most common name among men in America.

It actually ranks 633rd among male names in the U.S.. The most popular Quincy in American history is President John Quincy Adams, the sixth president in our nation’s history.

There aren’t many men in the NBA that bear the name Quincy—only three, to be exact.

Two of the three are actually in the NBA news this week.

StatBox Breakdown: A Look At Who Got Extensions; and Who Didn’t

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220px-Avery_Bradley_and_Jordan_CrawfordThe deadline for teams to sign players from the draft class of 2010 to extensions came and went at the stroke of midnight ET on Nov. 1. Those who did not get extensions will be unrestricted free agents this summer.

Six players received extensions, with three of them getting done during the offseason. Two more were completed during training camp and the last one was executed Thursday in Memphis, just hours before the deadline.

Meanwhile, three other rumored extensions did not get done, with rebuilding clubs unwilling to pull the trigger. Perhaps the biggest surprise was no extension for Eric Bledson of the Suns, who was supposed to be a major rebuilding piece.

Which teams were prudent in signing – or not signing – their three-year veterans? Let’s take a closer look from a statistical standpoint.

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Evening News: Tim Duncan listed as doubtful; Grizzlies extend Pondexter

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In today’s news, Spurs star forward Tim Duncan is listed with a chest contusion, while the deadline for teams to sign players to contract extensions looms.

NBA Rumors and News for October 31, 2013

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Thursday, October 31

Daily Trivia: Which college did Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh attend? Answer below.