May: What Will Become of Rajon Rondo?


What is Rajon Rondo supposed to do? If he were willfully shutting out his teammates, that would be one thing. (He has been known to do that in the past). If he was willfully tuning out his coach, that would be another thing. (He has been known to do that in the past as well). If he was being a locker-room cancer, that would be one more thing. (Hold that unhappy thought!) He has been none of these in 2013 and yet there it


LeBron James is still the king of jersey sales


The NBA’s reigning MVP, LeBron James of the Miami Heat, retains the No. 1 spot on the league’s top-selling jerseys list. The list is based on overall sales from adidas and from October 2013 through December 2013 and reflects record-breaking holiday season jersey sales. had its largest Black Friday and Cyber Monday in history, with sales up double digits from 2012. Rounding out the top five are the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant (No. 2), the Chicago Bulls’ Derrick


SH Blog: Kidd’s simplified schemes paying off for Nets; are the Cavs shopping Waiters?


Damian Lillard is very good. Okay, maybe we knew that already. But watching him carry the Blazers to an incredible win against a Cavs team that was very much on top of their game tonight, and then cap it with a game-winning three… that was something else. LaMarcus Aldridge is also very good, and so are Wesley Matthews and Nic Batum. But it’s Lillard who makes the whole thing work. [Read more…]


SH Blog: Prigioni suffers hairline fracture in toe, Kaman has second thoughts about choosing Lakers

Prigioni featured image

Just when you think the New York Knicks are getting heathy, they lose another critical piece from the roster. It was reported on Monday that center Tyson Chandler may be on track to play this week for the first time since suffering a fractured leg on Nov. 5 against the Charlotte Bobcats. Marc Berman of New York Post has details: Tyson Chandler is one good practice away from making his long-awaited comeback Wednesday in Milwaukee. “I’ll do a five-on-five scrimmage [Tuesday] and if


SH Blog: Lakers interested in Shumpert; Granger targeting Friday for return


Trade season is officially upon us. Of course, don’t tell the Kings: they’ve already gone out and gotten Rudy Gay and Derrick Williams. And the Raptors have dealt Gay and been very involved in discussions around Kyle Lowry. One thing we do know: Omer Asik should be on the move any day now. But nobody knows where to. The Knicks were interested in dealing for Lowry, but that may have fizzled out. So what will they do next? Peter May has a few


Tweet of the Day: Bill Simmons Excited About the Celtics

It’s challenging to be a fan of a struggling team, but the real fans are able to do it. Bill Simmons has been a lifelong Celtics fan. He’s criticized his team many times over the years and has even butted heads with some of the top people in the organization. Though, after many losing seasons in the 2000s, the Celtics did have its championship run in 2008. This season, things weren’t looking very promising for the Celtics. After losing Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett


SH Blog: Iguodala says Sixers fans used to curse at him all the time, Rondo denies recruitment from Melo


If you know me or follow me on twitter, you know that I follow the Golden State Warriors more closely than any other team in the league. No player intrigues me the way Stephen Curry does (can you blame me?), and the belief that this team may be good enough to come out of the West became a reality when the team acquired Andrew Bogut two seasons ago. They were half way there to prove this point last season, and


Sprung: Celtics aren’t tanking, they’re building


If the Boston Celtics are actually tanking, they are doing a really bad job of it. The Celtics played three very different kinds of basketball games over the previous five days – I was at two of them – that showed a lot about the way this team is operating. And giving away wins for ping-pong balls isn’t part of the plan. On Friday, Boston scored the first 14 points against Denver and led 39-15 after the first quarter. The Celtics nearly gave