SH Blog: CP3 to return to Clippers; Iguodala, Josh Smith have significant interest; Bargnani to Knicks?

Chris Paul

Tick-tock, tick-tock … less than six hours left until teams can contact players and free agency begins. Check out Moke Hamilton’s top 50, and the podcast where Moke discusses what could happen with them, to get ready. One thing we probably won’t have – to the massive relief of probably everyone in the world – is an immensely protracted drama regarding Dwight Howard’s next destination. The All-Star center will only visit five teams, and hopes to have decided by the time


SH Blog: Kupchak “optimistic” of keeping Howard; Mavs interested in Rondo; Nets want Korver?


The draft is officially over, and by now you’ve heard about how crazy it was. For some recap, check out Chris Sheridan’s breakdown of the winners and losers, including my homeland up north with Anthony Bennett and Kelly Olynyk going in the lottery, and Andrew Wiggins coming up next year. When it comes time for the international competitions, some of the European powers might have to look out. It’s not going to be Steve Nash and a bunch of scrubs


May on Celtics: KG to Clippers Trade Could Happen Next Season


It may not be the end of the world as we know it, but it certainly is the beginning of the end for the Boston Celtics as we currently know them. Their coach looked at the daunting reclamation project ahead of him and left for Los Angeles – the Clippers, not the Lakers. In his wake there is . . . what? A lot of questions and, as of now, no answers.


Rondo F-Bombed Rivers; Two Almost Fought


One piece of information that has not come out during the alive/dead/alive/dead Celtics-Clippers trade talks is Rivers’ motivation in wanting to leave the Celtics. It isn’t just that he doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding situation; it is because he has an intense dislike for point guard Rajon Rondo.


SH Blog: Did the Grizzlies win Gasol-for-Gasol trade? Cavs like Noel; J.R. Smith a goner from NY?


It seems like every couple years or so, there’s a dilemma about who to select first overall in the NBA draft, and one of the options is almost always a defense-first center with an “unrefined” offensive game. This year’s model is Nerlens Noel, and right now it’s looking like he’ll go No. 1 unless a team with no need for a center lands the No. 1 pick. Our own Joe Kotoch, whose next Mock Draft goes up Tuesday, has already


SH Blog: Raptors, Sixers decide on GMs; Hollins declines credit for stopping Durant


The Warriors knocked off the Spurs today to knot their series back up, 2-2. And they did it with Steph Curry on a balky ankle. Tomorrow night, the Thunder and Bulls will try to even up their series as well. If you know who’s going to win each of these series, you could probably make a fortune. The NBA future is about as unclear as it ever gets right about now. For a couple teams, though, the future is getting a