Tweet of the Day: Richard Hamilton Pays Tribute To A Legend

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The greatest figures in the sociopolitical past of our nation have their legends etched not only in our history books, but also in our calendars—Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Washington are among the most notable.

Such honor is not bestowed upon the best entertainers in our nation’s history, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be celebrated.

Celebrate is exactly what NBA free agent guard Richard “Rip” Hamilton did Thursday.

Tweet of the Day: Rip Hamilton loving free agency


Former NBA champion Richard “Rip” Hamilton was recently waived by the Chicago Bulls, saving the team roughly $4 million next season.

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

He quickly became a free agent target for teams looking to add a veteran shooting guard.

Hamilton is clearly excited to be a free agent and seems to be embracing his time in the open market.

Along with the Tweet was the following image.

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on his Instagram, saying there are "several choices out there."

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on Instagram, saying there are “several choices out there” and added “#Imexcited.”

Hamilton displays three jerseys on his Instagram account, they are, the Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. In order, they’re teams he’s played for in his NBA career.

That image quickly began speculation that he would like a return to Detroit alongside former teammate and friend Chauncey Billups.

Although Hamilton may not be worth the $5 million that was owed to him next season, he’s still a valuable piece to the right team. In two seasons with the Bulls, he appeared in 78 games and averaged 10.5 ppg, 2.6 apg and 1.9 rpg.

Hamilton’s shooting percentages were still honorable during his time in Chicago, he shot .438 from the field, .337 from three-point range and .833 from the free-throw line.

Will he return to the Bulls for less money? Aim to retire where it all began in Washington? Go back to where he had success with the Pistons? Or start fresh somewhere else?

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But how well a team operates really depends on and starts with the dedication of the ones sitting at the very top. Yes, the personality of an owner can truly reflect the successes and failures of a team, and there is no better example of this than seeing the before and after of the Golden State Warriors when Joe Lacob became the majority owner.

For so many years, the Warriors were run by an ownership that is well documented as an utter failure and disaster. We won’t get into the specifics of that because it’s now in the distant past, but to sum up how they did under the Chris Cohan regime, the team made the postseason just once in the span of nearly two decades. 

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Evening News: Splitter and Spurs near deal; West to re-sign in Indy; Bulls waive Hamilton

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