Eisenberg: How do these Hawks compare with the 2004 Pistons?

Hawks v. Pistons

If you were to browse through the list of NBA champions since 1980, you’d find that there is just one notable outlier to the rule that suggests title contenders need a superstar to win it all — the 2003-04 Pistons. While that Detroit team featured four players who were either already multi-time All-Stars or went on to become multi-time All-Stars later in their careers, no one would have mistaken any of those Pistons players as the prototypical “superstars” entering the 2004 postseason. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Day: Richard Hamilton Pays Tribute To A Legend

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

The greatest figures in the sociopolitical past of our nation have their legends etched not only in our history books, but also in our calendars—Martin Luther King, Jr. and George Washington are among the most notable. Such honor is not bestowed upon the best entertainers in our nation’s history, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be celebrated. Celebrate is exactly what NBA free agent guard Richard “Rip” Hamilton did Thursday. [Read more…]


Tweet of the Day: Rip Hamilton loving free agency

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on his Instagram, saying there are "several choices out there" and also wrote, "#ImExcited."

Former NBA champion Richard “Rip” Hamilton was recently waived by the Chicago Bulls, saving the team roughly $4 million next season. Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls. He quickly became a free agent target for teams looking to add a veteran shooting guard. Hamilton is clearly excited to be a free agent and seems to be embracing his time in the open market. First time I’ve been a free agent at the beginning of a summer in


SH Blog: Joe Lacob hopes to beat up the Rockets, Nets agree to terms with Andrei Kirilenko

Joe Lacob

When it comes to the NBA, what people most care for is the product that’s on the floor: your superstars, role players and the coaches. But how well a team operates really depends on and starts with the dedication of the ones sitting at the very top. Yes, the personality of an owner can truly reflect the successes and failures of a team, and there is no better example of this than seeing the before and after of the Golden State Warriors


Bernucca: Small Market Dilemma is the NBA’s Big Lie

Arison and the Big Three

This summer, when your favorite team’s owner or GM tells you a certain player is financially out of reach, here’s how you know he is lying. His lips are moving. NBA business is booming, folks. And not just for the so-called big markets. Take a quick look at the conference finals, which feature four teams from middle to small markets collecting millions for every home playoff game. Take a look at the Sacramento Kings, who were just sold for a record $525 million


SH Blog: Phil Jackson compares Kobe and MJ, Noah says seeing Rose not come back was difficult

Derrick Rose

For quite some time, there was an ongoing debate about whether Kobe Bryant deserves to be in the same conversation as Michael Jordan in terms of overall play and greatness. It’s still discussed by some to this day. One person that would really have a concrete idea of the matter is Phil Jackson, who coached both players and saw the best and worst of the two in their respective prime. He, however, never wanted to get into great detail when comparing the