SH Blog: Jason Kidd a real candidate for Nets coaching job, Hollins out as Grizzlies coach


A week ago, one of the best floor generals in the history of the NBA in Jason Kidd decided to hang it up after realizing his limitations at the age of 40. When you retire from a career you’ve held onto for 19 years, you’d think some kind of nice vacation to a fancy island is in order. Instead, news has broken that Kidd has become a real candidate to become the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Does


SH Blog: Kobe says he destroyed T-Mac one-on-one, T-Mac denies notion

Kobe Bryant

It’s not often that players in the league talk about playing one-on-one with other players from around the league, so when one starts giving you juicy details about it, you pay attention. Especially when it’s Kobe Bryant telling you stories about who he played against. During a notable interview with ESPN’s Chris Palmer – where the two touched on a variety of topics such as whether Bryant can score 50 points in a game again, or how the guard feels about his


Best NBA Finals Game 5s of the David Stern Era


The two best words in sports are Game Seven. When it comes to the NBA Finals, Game 5 isn’t too bad, either. Either one team has a 3-1 lead, which means the trailing team will scratch, claw, bite, fight and cheat to stay win. Or the teams are tied 2-2, which means both teams will scratch, claw, bite, fight and cheat to win. Our collection of the best Game Five showdowns of the David Stern Era includes three in which the series was


Heisler: What’s the difference between the NBA and the WWE?


csprtContainer(); Question: What’s the difference between the NBA and the outfit formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation? Answer: Beats me. Actually, there’s a huge difference between a game highlighting athletic grace and hand-to-hand combat between players assuming heroic or villainous personas: The WWF doesn’t have a ball. Otherwise, it’s getting too close for comfort for the NBA, even if league officials prefer to pull the strings from New York rather than issuing proclamations in the ring like Vince McMahon. These playoffs look less like a