Tweet of the Day: Andre Iguodala With “Edge of Tomorrow” Movie Review


Everyone likes a good movie, and most movies serve as great distractions from life. They invite us into a new world where we are engrossed in the lives of fictional characters that have some linear story in which they experience various plot turns and twists before finding a resolution. It’s storytelling 101, and it captivates us all. NBA athletes are no less human and enjoy movies all the same. After suffering severe leg cramps and incapable of helping his team as the


Hubbard: NBA All-Star Week — Just Go With It


If you’re looking for a way to capture the quality of NBA All-Star Week, think Adam Sandler movies. They are meant to be entertaining. They are hectic, foolish and sometimes embarrassing. The critics hate them. And the fans love them. Take a look at the web site and find Adam Sandler movies, whether it’s as a writer, producer or star. By my count, 39 of them have been rated by critics. Of those 39, 34 of the reviews have been negative. Safe