Fantasy Spin: Superstars In Action On Busy Monday

Pau Gasol

An 11-game NBA slate on Monday leaves us room for minimal analysis. OKC at Golden State is sure to be entertaining and high scoring. Kevin Durant $11500 and Russell Westbrook $10500 are unstoppable, but as Toronto found out, so are Stephen Curry $11100 and his energetic teammates.


Fantasy Spin: Down Goes Westbrook


Happy Hallowe’en! Tonight’s $100K Trick or Treat Special at DraftKings has a $27 entry fee but is limited to 4200 teams. Winner gets $15,000, second $7500 and there will be 840 cash prizes — even if it doesn’t fill. Love those overlays.


Tweet of the Day: Curry Still Reacting to Westbrook’s Game Winner

Curry Westbrook

The basketball Gods couldn’t have scripted anything better than Russell Westrbook’s three-pointer in OT to give the Oklahoma City Thunder a one point victory over the Golden State Warriors on Friday.The final score in the trilling match was 113-112 and was back and fourth the entire evening. The contest could easily be the game of the year and one of the best shots in Westbrook’s young career. The few NBA players who weren’t in action last night took to Twitter immediately


Tweet of the Day: Kevin Love

Kevin Love

All-Star Weekend is here! Friday night kicks things off with the All-Star Celebrity Game. Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Kevin Love may be injured, but he’s on the scene at All-Star weekend. He kept tabs on all of the the pre-game action by giving a play-by-play of participants’ fashion.


Tweet of the Night: Stephen Curry


Heat somehow overcame turnovers late. Lebron played great D on KD last 2 minutes. Heat looking confident esp with 2 more in Miami. #Finals
Stephen Curry
I have one glaring issue with Scott Brooks in this game. When Kevin Durant got into foul trouble in the third quarter, he was forced to be taken out. Alright, no problem, Russell Westbrook time. But then he takes out Westbrook along side Durant, and the Heat stage a quick comeback. In the finals, no matter what, the Thunder should have at least two of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden on the floor at all times. No