2014-15 NBA Salary Cap Computations


Hours before the moratorium period ended and free agency began Wednesday, the NBA released its financial figures for the 2014-15 season. We have taken those figures and – with the help of folks like Larry Coon and Mark Deeks - have laid out the amounts for all of the exceptions and maximum salaries available to players this season. TEAM SALARY The salary cap will be $63.065 million. That is slightly lower than published projections but still represents a 7.5 percent increase over last season’s $58.679


Bernucca: Cap Room, Exceptions, Expiring Deals: Who Has What as NBA Trading Season Begins

omer asik

The NBA holiday shopping season is upon us a little early this year. It usually starts December 15, the first day players who were signed in the offseason become eligible to be traded. But after seeing Rudy Gay’s immovable contract somehow sent from Toronto to Sacramento, it is clear that shopping season is under way.  Come next Sunday, NBA general managers will have increased flexibility when looking to improve their rosters, which was Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro’s approach in acquiring Gay, or their payroll,


Bernucca: Small Market Dilemma is the NBA’s Big Lie

Arison and the Big Three

This summer, when your favorite team’s owner or GM tells you a certain player is financially out of reach, here’s how you know he is lying. His lips are moving. NBA business is booming, folks. And not just for the so-called big markets. Take a quick look at the conference finals, which feature four teams from middle to small markets collecting millions for every home playoff game. Take a look at the Sacramento Kings, who were just sold for a record $525 million


Bernucca: Why the Lakers have to trade Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is the best center in the NBA. Yes, still. He also is (a) incapable of making an elbow jumper, (b) unreliable at the free-throw line, (c) susceptible to long-term injury, (d) hypersensitive to criticism from teammates and coaches, (e) more interested in becoming the next Bill Murray rather than the next Bill Russell and (f) wondering why no one has handed him the icon status he desperately craves. But the worst thing Howard is – and unlike the items above,


Hamilton: NBA Teams With Cap and Trade Exceptions

Steve Nash

As August ends and calendars are flipped to September, it dawns on you: NBA training camps will open in a few weeks. Although the Summer of 2012 will ultimately be remembered for when the Los Angeles Lakers somehow managed to acquire two of the top prizes on the market, there are still quite a few free agents that could ultimately be the difference between your favorite team making a trip to the postseason or anxiously awaiting the results of the draft


NBA Free Agency: Who Still Needs What?


With the opening of training camps in late September, there is now more offseason behind us rather than in front of us. With six weeks to go, many teams are looking to fill the final spot or two on their rosters. And as we pointed out last week, there is not much to choose from. Although there has been talk about some of these teams possibly adding another player, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Golden State, Indiana, the Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis, New York, Oklahoma City


Salary cap same at $58 million, tax threshold unchanged at $70.3 million


When the clock strikes 12 in several minutes, ending the moratorium period and beginning the feeding frenzy of free agency, these are the numbers NBA teams will be working with for the 2012-13 season as announced by the league Tuesday night:The salary cap will be $58.044 million. That is the same amount it was last season. The luxury tax threshold will be $70.307 million. That is also the same as last season. Any team whose payroll exceeds the threshold has to


Team by Team Offseason Moves & Analysis Index


Welcome to the Sheridan Hoops team-by-team offseason activity index. If you are looking for a specific team’s offseason trades, free agent signings and other moves, just click on the links below to find out how any of the 30 teams are building their roster for the 2012-13 season. As the offseason progresses, we will update each team with each move it makes, modifying our analysis and projection. Atlanta Hawks Offseason Moves & Analysis — What grade did they get?   Boston Celtics Offseason Moves & Analysis — What