Bernucca: A Closer Look at Warriors’ Chase for 73 Wins

Warriors Championship Rings Top Curry

It’s time to get serious about the Golden State Warriors and their pursuit of 73 wins. Even before the advent of the 24-hour news cycle required media members to have an ironclad opinion 10 minutes after something happened, I have always been a more patient sort. Yes, a record 24 straight wins to start the season got my attention. But that is less than one-third of an NBA campaign. Over the course of 5 1/2 months and 82 games, teams slump. Teams


Bernucca: Is NBA Experiencing Parity, or Mediocrity?


Is the NBA inching toward parity? Or slowly sinking into mediocrity? Those may seem like strange questions during a season in which the Golden State Warriors have imposed their dominance over the rest of the league in unprecedented fashion. Yes, at 22-0 the Warriors have obliterated the best start in NBA history and have looked downright unbeatable while the clock was ticking during a vast majority of those 22 games. In that sense, they present a very strong argument against the notion


SH Blog: Stephen Jackson injured tripping over server, Lacob says Bogut getting “much closer”

Stephen Jackson

When will the league implement rules to keep things as far away as possible from the basketball court? Time and time again, we see players get tripped up or sprain an ankle from cameramen sitting closer to game action than they really should be. It’s not their fault because that’s what the job requires, and more importantly, no one tells them not to be that close. The fault lies in the league’s unwillingness to compromise for the safety of the players. Earlier


SH Blog: Lou Williams is returning home, Steve Novak isn’t


NBA exhibition games have started, and we’re all counting down the days until Opening Night. In the meantime, we’re running a series of 30 guest columns on why fans of almost any team in the NBA can feel positive (we haven’t done the Bobcats yet. Or the Rockets. Both are coming this week) The latest installment covers the Pacers, and is written by Tom Lewis of Indy Cornrows. Also, Nick Gibson has his first Euroleague column of the season, as play has already


The Bernucca List – Edition 22


Could the season be over already? This is the last regular-season edition of The Bernucca List, our weekly test of your NBA knowledge. It’s been fun and challenging coming up with these lists, and we hope it has been the same for you. Last week’s list was correctly solved by reader KleRoi, who answered, “Teams that never have reached the conference finals.” Believe it or not, the Atlanta Hawks are on the list. They are the only team that predates the formation of