SH Blog: Beverley out 4-6 weeks with hand injury; Melo likes the idea of superstars teaming up

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Sunday only has three games on the schedule, nothing earth-shattering but there’s a few good matchups to watch.

Sixth Man Rankings: Week 10

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When the season began, most people expected to see the Heat, Thunder, and (oops!) Lakers compete for a title. They expected to see the Bobcats struggle.

This season, most people expected to see Kevin Durant and LeBron James in the MVP race. They expected to see Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard compete for Rookie of the Year. They expected to see guys like Manu Ginobili, Lou Williams and Jamal Crawford compete for the Sixth Man Award.

People are smart.

Some of these expectations and predictions that come from players, fans and media can be looked at as common sense as well. In the case of the Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Award Rankings, one might argue that outside of perhaps J.R. Smith, the names on this week’s installment are ones that many would have expected to see stuffing the statsheets when the season began.

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