VIDEO: Looking Back at Game 1, Looking Ahead to Game 2

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It was unbelievably hot in the AT&T Center on Thursday night. I know because I was there. And while LeBron James was cramping up, the San Antonio Spurs were heating up. In the fourth quarter of Game 1, the Spurs shot 14-of-16 from the field, including 6-of-6 from 3-point range, and turned a close game into a 110-95 runaway. So does San Antonio have the upper hand? Yes – but perhaps not for long. In the “Big Three” Era, Miami is a


Sheridan: Crampgate holds center stage a day after LeBron seizure


SAN ANTONIO — On your left we have a bottle of Powerade, endorsed by LeBron James. It’s supposedly the stuff he drinks to stay hydrated. (Cue laughter.) On your right we have a bottle of Gatorade, endorsed by Dwyane Wade. When it was mentioned Friday in a question to LeBron James, he refused to speak of the product by name. Then again, the word “Powerade” never came out of James’ mouth, either, a day after “Crampgate” and the broken air conditioning system at the


Bernucca: Forget LeBron; Heat Had Plenty of Cramps in Game 1


It will be easy for Miami Heat fans to say that LeBron James’ absence cramped their team’s style. James sat for almost all of the last 7 1/2 minutes of Thursday’s NBA Finals opener, and the line of demarcation was too obvious. There was a 17-point swing following the moment when James first exited with leg cramps as a close game headed for a fantastic finish devolved into a 110-95 win for the host San Antonio Spurs. “With five and change (left),


Sheridan: Adam Silver’s First NBA Finals Game as Commish was a Crampy Debacle


SAN ANTONIO — Adam Silver was not convinced that the sauna-like conditions in the T&T Enter (get it? No AC) led to LeBron James’ cramps. “Did anybody else cramp up?” he asked me as he exited the arena. The new commissioner’s first game as David Stern’s successor is one that will live in infamy. It was sweltering inside the Spurs’ home arena on a day when the temperature reached almost 100 degrees outside and came close to that inside. How hot was it


Players react to LeBron’s injury and air-conditioning issues for Game 1 in San Antonio


Players were rolling ice bags on their neck and head during and after Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Tim Duncan said he hasn’t played in this type of heat since he left the Virgin Islands. The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs played under highly-unusual conditions, as the air conditioning in the AT&T Center stopped functioning due to electrical issues, according to Tim Reynolds of The AP: [Read more…]


Bauman: James’ Confidence as Shooter Will Be Difference in 2014 Finals


How will the San Antonio Spurs guard LeBron James? Exactly one year ago, as the 2013 NBA Finals were about to tip off in Miami, the above inquiry was the question. After all, what is the most effective way to defend such a powerful, explosive, unselfish all-around threat? If you paid attention to the epic series as it unfolded last season, you are well aware of the San Antonio Spurs’ strategy: Make LeBron James into an indecisive player by sagging off of him. Force


Tweet of the Day: Player Reactions To All NBA Teams


Wednesday the All-NBA Teams were announced, and with them came a slew of congratulatory, confused and frustrated tweets. Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant led all vote getters as the lone unanimous selection to the First Team, followed by Miami Heat forward LeBron James, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, Houston Rockets guard James Harden and Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul. Much to the chagrin of 124 NBA writers with voting privileges, Chris Sheridan, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, was the lone vote preventing


Bernucca: If Spurs Win, Popovich is the Coach of All Time

Gregg Popovich

It’s a good thing NBA media members voted for Gregg Popovich as Coach of the Year. Because if the San Antonio Spurs win the championship, we won’t want to look back at the voting 20 years from now and wonder how the man who pulled off perhaps the greatest single-season coaching job in league history didn’t win the award. I didn’t believe Popovich was the Coach of the Year. I thought the award should have gone to Jeff Hornacek of Phoenix, who