San Antonio Spurs Salaries and Analysis

SAN ANTONIO SPURS 2014-15 Offseason Additions: G Bryce Cotton, F JaMychal Green 2014 Draft Picks: F Kyle Anderson, G Nemanja Danbugic Draft Picks Coming: 2016 second round (Charlotte, protected 31-55) Draft Picks Going: None Trade Exceptions: Nando de Colo ($1,460,000, expires Feb. 20, 2015) Over/Under: Over the cap, under the tax Amnesty Provision: Available (Tony Parker)PLAYER 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19Tony Parker $12,500,000 $13,440,000 $14,450,000  $15,450,000Tim Duncan $10,360,000Tiago Splitter $9,250,000 $8,500,000  $8,250,000Boris Diaw $8,000,000 $7,500,000 $7,000,000 $7,500,000Manu Ginobili $7,000,000 Danny Green $4,020,000Patty Mills $3,840,000 $3,580,000 $3,580,000Kawhi Leonard $2,890,000  $4,270,000Marco Belinelli  $2,870,000Cory Joseph $2,020,000 $3,200,000Jeff Ayres  $1,830,000Matt Bonner  $1,450,000Aron Baynes $1,120,000Kyle Anderson  $1,090,000  $1,140,000 $1,190,000   $2,150,000 $3,230,000Austin Daye  $1,060,000Bryce Cotton $510,000 $850,000JaMychal Green  $510,000  $850,000Livio Jean-CharlesTOTAL SALARY $70,320,000 $43,330,000 $34,470,000 $25,100,000 $3,230,000Player Option Team Option Qualifying Offer BACK TO TEAM SALARY INDEX


Scotto: Championship Window Still Open for Spurs as Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich Chase Jordan, Jackson

Spurs NBA Finals

The San Antonio Spurs and the organization’s two stalwarts, Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich, are coming off a fifth championship and are poised for another title run next season – provided Duncan doesn’t retire. With five championships in a 15-year period, the Spurs have made a claim to be considered a dynasty. However, some people – most notably Phil Jackson – would disagree because the Spurs haven’t won consecutive titles. Jackson won three consecutive championships on three separate occasions (1991-93, 96-98, 2000-2002).


Tweet of the Night: Former Spurs player Malik Rose documents celebration in San Antonio

Malik Rose

With the San Antonio Spurs parading around town to celebrate their 5th NBA championship on Wednesday, thousands of fans along with players that were formerly a part of the organization were on hand to experience the joy. Included in the crowd to document the scenery was Malik Rose – two-time champion with the Spurs turned broadcaster for the Philadelphia 76ers - who took all the photos he could to show how pumped everyone was:


SH Blog: LeBron, Heat conduct exit interviews; Parker confident Duncan will return


There is no time to waste after the NBA Finals. Despite the brilliance of the San Antonio Spurs, just minutes after the NBA Finals concluded Sunday night began the talk of the Decision II. To credit the NBA, the league has always done a marvelous job of trimming the fat. The NBA draft is just eight days away, with free agency beginning just a week after that. There’s no time to waste, and thus never a shortage of headlines. Well, until


PODCAST: Michael Scotto on the Legacies of Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and the Spurs


The San Antonio Spurs have now won five championships in 15 years. With that in mind, are the Spurs a dynasty? Earlier this season, Phil Jackson said they were not. During the 15-year run, the Spurs have not won back-to-back titles. However, does that negate them as a dynasty? What are the legacies of Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich? Duncan is considered the greatest power forward of all-time, but where does he rank amongst the best overall? He made NBA history by becoming the first


Don’t Blame LeBron for Heat’s Loss in NBA Finals


LeBron James and the Miami Heat were quickly dispatched by the San Antonio Spurs in five games in this year’s NBA Finals, so James is a pretty convenient scapegoat for his team’s failure to win a third straight championship. But LeBron is about as far from blame here as you can get. Just read James’ per-game averages in The Finals: 57.1 percent shooting from the field, 51.9 percent from the arc and 28.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and 4.0 assists per game. His


Sheridan: LeBron’s Future Cloudy; No Clue in the Shoes


SAN ANTONIO — Before we get to the elephant in the room, it would be unfair to the San Antonio Spurs to not acknowledge their accomplishment and give you a little snapshot of what it was like in their locker room after they became NBA champions Sunday night. The champagne being served and sprayed was Dom Perignon, 2003. I’m told it tastes OK, but I don’t do champagne that costs more than my car. There was not a ton of Dom.