Sheridan: “Swallowed Whistle” defined Cavs’ 2007 NBA Finals


If you ask any Clevelander what the defining moment was of the 2007 postseason, a vast majority will recall what remains one of the signature greatest moments of LeBron James’ career — the time he scored 29 of the Cavs’ final 30 points of their Game 5 double-overtime victory over Detroit at the Palace of Auburn Hills. It is a great memory, one that remains vivid in my mind because I was at that game, sitting along the baseline, and was


Mock Draft 3.0 — Picks 21-30


21. Dallas Mavericks – Tyus Jones, PG, Duke If you watched any of Duke’s tournament games, you could see how big of an impact Jones had as a true freshman. Jones is a throwback PG that creates great scoring opportunities for his teammates, but he also has the ability to hit the big shot or convert when he’s open, sort of like Chris Paul. While Jones is not big, he has tons of heart and is a true leader. In a point guard-driven league, especially


Free Agency: DeMarre Carroll’s Value is Soaring


Beyond the young stars who will receive their first max contracts this offseason, few players have improved their stock and value in the NBA this postseason more than Atlanta Hawks small forward DeMarre Carroll. The only Hawk starter who wasn’t an Eastern Conference All-Star this season, Carroll brings energy, intensity, strong perimeter defense and a smooth 3-point stroke. At a time when the NBA emphasizes “3 and D” players more than ever before, Carroll (22nd in our Free Agent Rankings) is set to


SH Blog: Thibodeau assistant feared Bulls bugged his office; Spurs could deal Tiago Splitter for cap room

Thibs Bulls

The Bulls are continuing to win playoff games, yet the behind-the-scenes drama involving the front office and head coach Tom Thibodeau continues to escalate. In an Adrian Wojnarowski column filed after Chicago’s Game 1 win in Cleveland, the Yahoo! reporter says management still “can’t wait to rid itself” of Thibodeau. Furthermore, Wojnarowski cited some fairly disturbing examples of the lengths to which the relationship between the coaching staff and front office has been broken. In one such case, an assistant coach actually feared his


Bernucca: Legacy of Clippers-Spurs: Change in Playoff Format?

Duncan Manu Parker

With about two minutes remaining in Saturday night’s Game 7 between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers and still no clear indication regarding which team was moving on and which team was going home, Tim Duncan gave himself a break from the magnitude of the moment and offered some candid perspective. The All-Star forward and face of one of the handful of NBA dynasties approached Doc Rivers, who was in his 12th Game 7 as a coach. With one


Kamenetzky: Chris Paul Silences His Haters, Once and for all


LOS ANGELES — No NBA star has spent this season in the “put up or shut up” crosshairs more than Chris Paul. Among fans and media, the overriding narrative has been that of an hourglass quickly losing sand when it comes to accolades butting up against a limited playoff resume. It seemingly no longer matters that Paul is certainly still among the best guards — “point” or otherwise — in the NBA. It no longer matters if the second half of


Sheridan: Radical idea for improving the NBA — Eliminate TV timeouts

crystal ball

Last I checked, soccer was a pretty popular sport around the globe. More popular than basketball, I might add. And if you’ve ever sat on the sofa and watched a soccer match, you’ve probably noticed that there are no TV timeouts. You get 45 minutes of action, then you can get up and make a sandwich, and then you go back and get 45 more minutes of non-stop action, commercial-free. Why can’t the NBA be quite as enjoyable? Don’t get me wrong …


Kamenetzky: Time Running Out On Clippers’ Big Three


The mix of beige and off white dominating DeAndre Jordan’s post-game wardrobe was appropriate. All the color, after all, had drained from the Los Angeles Clippers following a critical, emotionally brutal 111-107 loss to the San Antonio Spurs Tuesday night at Staples Center, giving the Spurs a 3-2 lead in this titanic opening round matchup. At this point, you sympathize with Clippers fans who must feel like they’re being trolled. San Antonio isn’t the dominating force of last season, but even beat