Tweet of the Day: Gary Payton Confused For Peyton Manning


It’s not that often that something happens that’s either funny or newsworthy enough to merit following up on Tweet subject from the previous night. However, early this morning, as most of America, at least those of us on the east coast, were sleeping, former NBA star and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Gary Payton shared some hilarity that he found on social media. News outlets in practically every market had to report on the Sunday Night Football game between the


Tweet of the Day: Clippers’ Bidding Comes To An End


Has Steve Ballmer finally acquired an NBA franchise? Ever since Shelly Sterling claimed to have her husband Donald’s approval to move forward with the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, she has moved at a blistering pace to field bids in hopes of securing a legitimate buyer before the NBA Board of Governors convene Tuesday, June 3 to vote to have them removed as team owners. Since initiating the bidding war for the Clippers, Shelly’s husband—estranged or not—has


Hubbard: 10 Predictions for the 2013-14 Season

crystal ball

Although I wouldn’t consider myself to be a serious bettor, I do enjoy an occasional trip to Las Vegas, where the betting is legal and sometimes expensive. Vegas is the ultimate venue for those who believe they are blessed with the power of clairvoyance. Think you’re smart enough to predict the outcome of a game, or games? Sports books provide unlimited opportunity for you to prove it. On an ideal day, I would wish for the ability to make three correct


Tweet of the Night: Deron Williams


Right now the NBA talent pool at the point guard position has never been deeper. From top-to-bottom, the league is full of some of the best point guards, arguably, this league has ever seen. Any matchup on the schedule likely contains one of them, if not a “must-watch” matchup. There are games that you could focus solely on the two players playing point guard and enjoy the game.  [Read more…]


Tweet of the Day: Big day for the future of the Sacramento Kings


The Board of Governors (BOG) meeting in Dallas on Wednesday brings together two potential ownership groups representing two different cities. Both groups have the same goal: the acquisition of the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball franchise from current owners Joe and Gavin Maloof. Wednesday’s meeting of the BOG will conclude with the league’s 30 owners voting on the proposal to relocate the Kings from Sacramento to Seattle. Both ownership groups will have an opportunity to address the Board with their proposals. [Read


All-Star Game to New York in 2015


HOUSTON — Adam Silver stole the spotlight from David Stern at the commissioner’s final All-Star press conference … simply by directly answering a question. After Stern revealed that both the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets had applied to host the league’s signature event two years from now, a reporter asked a follow-up question that Stern would never in a million years have answered. “Will New York get the game?” [Read more…]


Hubbard: The end would be less than royal for Sacramento


Sacramento became a big league town by building what looked like an airplane hangar in the middle of a field, filling it with 10,333 seats atop hardwood floors, dropping a basketball court on the floor and opening the doors to a city that had previously been a nice minor league town, although it was the capital city of California. The facility, which eventually would become an office building, was purely Double A, but the atmosphere was out of this world. It