Why Will Barton of Nuggets should win Sixth Man Award

Will Barton

It’s the final edition of the Sixth Man Award Rankings, and we know that fans out there are going to be devastated. I’ve only been writing about the Sixth Man award for six weeks, and like an NBA player coming off the bench, I feel like I’m just starting to find my rhythm, and coach is taking me out again. The season is just too short (said no one ever). In the last edition of the Sixth Man Rankings, we reached our


Sixth Man Rankings: Tim Duncan would read this column

Tim Duncan

Allen Iverson once said he would rather retire than come off the bench. So, I guess he’s not reading this column. And while that certainly hurts (I loved you, A.I.), it’s not going to stop me from practicing my craft here. We talkin’ ’bout practice. PRAC—TICE. Something that you do to get better. Ah, forget it. It takes a special type of player to adapt to coming off the bench. Several guys, who we threw under the bus—er—uh, mentioned in our Most Improved Player Rankings


Sixth Man Rankings: Will Barton, Darren Collison lead Top 5

Darren Collison

Some people perform best when there’s not as much pressure. You know, like when they’re not hearing their name and educational history shouted by an overzealous announcer in front of thousands of screaming fans. When they aren’t expected to “dab” or “quan-quan” as they greet their teammates after said introductions. Or when they don’t have to high-five the mascot on their way out to the center court, dap up their homies on the opposing team and listen to confrontational non-sequitors from Joey Crawford before tip-off. Don’t start


Sheridan Hoops Sixth Man Rankings: Week 12


Did Jamal Crawford get snubbed as an All-Star? Crawford is the second-leading scorer on the NBA’s second-best team. But he is also part of the second unit of the Los Angeles Clippers, and that works against him. For a good part of Crawford’s career, he has been someone that teams rely on for big shots at the end of games. With the obvious exception of Chris Paul, there is nobody on the Clippers better at creating their own shot off the