Hubbard: Duncan sits but Spurs rock & roll


SAN ANTONIO — The challenge posed by a team that is 56 games better than .500 and chasing history is profound. An opposing coach must have a masterful game plan, cleverly and skillfully juggle his personnel and perhaps come up with a surprise or two. You wouldn’t think that could be accomplished by sitting a man who is arguably the best power forward in NBA history, but that’s exactly what Spurs coach Gregg Popovich did Saturday night. Tim Duncan played only eight


Tweet of the Night: Marquis Daniels impressed with Stephen Curry’s game against the Dallas Mavericks

Marquis Daniels

It’s not a Golden State Warriors game without at least a few Stephen Curry highlights, and Friday night’s contest against the Dallas Mavericks was no exception. Seriously. I’ve watched every single Warriors game this season and not a game went by without Curry doing something that simply makes you shake your head in disbelief. It never gets old because no matter how often he does it, it’s still something spectacularly impossible. [Read more…]


MVP Rankings, Edition VIII: Coaches Weigh In On Their Own Award


We publish these rankings roughly twice a month, an exercise in futility tantamount to being a 50-year old on a beach in Panama City looking to re-live his conquests of the mid-1980s back when Fort Lauderdale and The Button were the hot spots. So now that I have revealed my Easter weekend plans (not really, but it is not 100 percent out of the question), I will reveal my mid-April plans: I am going to fill out my MVP ballot, and


Tweet of the Night: Daniel Gibson calls Stephen Curry a made-up player

Daniel Gibson

Add former NBA player turned rapper Daniel “Boobie” Gibson to the list of players who just can’t comprehend the things Stephen Curry can do on the floor. Curry, who is a walking human highlight film (apologies to the great Dominique Wilkins) every single time he’s on a basketball court, has baffled the minds and eyes of just about everyone who has seen him play this year. Whether he’s hitting a 30-footer with a hand in his face, putting on a dribbling


Sheridan: The Three Biggest Unanswered Questions of the NBA Season

question mark

We would like to interrupt your NCAA bracket guesswork with a few questions, and in this column I absolutely promise to stay away from politics after using it as a crutch writing device in my last couple MVP rankings columns. (I’ll have another one of those later this week, and I will try to adhere to that vow for two straight columns … but it won’t be easy). Pablo You know, the NBA season is winding down, we have already had