Hubbard: The end would be less than royal for Sacramento


Sacramento became a big league town by building what looked like an airplane hangar in the middle of a field, filling it with 10,333 seats atop hardwood floors, dropping a basketball court on the floor and opening the doors to a city that had previously been a nice minor league town, although it was the capital city of California. The facility, which eventually would become an office building, was purely Double A, but the atmosphere was out of this world. It


SH Blog: Garnett allegedly said Anthony’s wife tastes like cereal, Love and Varejao to miss significant time


Nobody can say no to Honey Nut Cheerios? It probably wasn’t exactly in those words, but it’s close enough to describe what Kevin Garnett may have said to Carmelo Anthony about his wife LaLa (Vazquez) Anthony to push him over the top. Garnett apparently picked a very poor time to use Anthony’s wife as a method of trash talk, according to Marianne Garvey of Daily News: Carmelo Anthony lost his cool after Boston Celtics bigmouth Kevin Garnett reportedly said his wife “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios”