10 Fun Facts From Last Night’s NBA Games


On Day 5 of the 2013-14 NBA regular season, 16 teams were in action in eight total games. One was decided by three points, many were blowouts and a number of different teams received breakout performances from their stars. Here’s everything you need to know about last night’s NBA games.


Five Things to Watch: San Antonio Spurs

gregg popovich

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. We all remember Game 6 of the NBA Finals, correct? And we all remember Game 7, and the way Tim Duncan looked afterward — like he was at a funeral. The Big Fundamental had been spoiled, winning every previous time he had advanced to the Finals. So the question to ask going into 2013-14 — will this be Spurs Motivation 2.0?


Tweet of the Day: Tim Duncan Putting Roy Hibbert Through the Ringer


How does that old saying go? To become the best, you must learn from the best…or, something like that. Roy Hibbert has been doing precisely that. [SH Blog: Roy Hibbert Teams With Duncan For Offseason Workouts...] While perennial MVP contenders LeBron James and Kevin Durant have been in the headlines for the past couple summers for working out together, honing and improving their skills, Roy Hibbert has been working just as hard to improve his game.


SH Blog: Roy Hibbert Teams With Duncan For Offseason Workouts; Cavs Sign Bennett, Bucks Sign Sanders

Hibbert v Marc Gasol

In a time constantly focused on the new, this age-old axiom remains true: it’s not what you do when people are watching, it’s what you do when you’re alone. While LeBron James is arranging police escorts to Jay-Z concerts and sneaking out of jury duty, Roy Hibbert, quietly, is spending another summer training with Tim Duncan down south in San Antonio. More from Yahoo! Sports Kelly Dwyer:


Bauman: Five everlasting memories from 2013 NBA Finals


The 2012-13 NBA Finals were a sight to behold. Long. Epic. Utterly unpredictable from game to game, quarter to quarter. The door was seemingly slammed shut by San Antonio… yet somehow reopened and slammed shut by Miami. Here are five everlasting memories of the phenomenal basketball from one of the most inspirationally played championship series ever: 5. Game 6 and Game 7 won’t be forgotten / Spurs veteran trio not enough / Heat too hungry to contain: Game 6 won’t soon be forgotten. Neither will Game 7. Tim


Podcast: More Popovich bashing


Seems like all I am doing with my Friday is interview after interview bashing Gregg Popovich. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Pop. I’ve covered him with the Spurs and Team USA since 2002. When he is chippy with the media, he is never directing that chippiness at me (you have to know HOW to ask a proper question, or you are dead meat). But he is open to some serious second-guessing, and that’s what I did in this