NBA Owners Respond to Sterling’s Unprecedented Punishment

With much of the national discourse centering on Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the reality of the matter is that a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fine is the limit to what NBA commissioner Adam Silver is capable of doing. The rest falls on the shoulders of 29 team owners, as they—according to the NBA’s Constitution and By-Laws—must vote with a 3/4′s majority to force the sale of the team. Players, media pundits and people all across the nation


SH Blog: Phil Jackson meets with Lamar Odom; Kyrie Irving says he doesn’t deserve the media barrage


It’s only been a week since I last wrote here at Sheridan Hoops, but it feels like a lot longer. Finishing a degree and switching countries will do that. Earlier today, UConn knocked off Florida to advance to the national championship game. Their coach, Kevin Ollie, is drawing lots of buzz as a potential NBA coach (he was the first guy Bobby Gonzalez mentioned as the next Brad Stevens), and their star point guard, Shabazz Napier, is looking like a future


Tweet of the Day: Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

The Hornets future in New Orleans is expected to soon come to an end. No, the team is not moving elsewhere. They are, however, expected to change their team name. If you haven’t heard about it yet, just check out the reaction from Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry.

Pelicans?? Ready to see the mascot
Stephen Curry


Forbes: 12 NBA owners among 400 richest Americans (Prokhorov not included)


Pity poor Paul Allen. He only came in at No. 20 on the Forbes list of the 400 Richest Americans. But at least he’ll have something to hold over the heads of the other owners when they convene next month for the Board of Governors meeting in New York (then again, Allen– worth 15 billion– may not attend. He usually sends someone in his place). The only owner who can flex muscles with him is Mikhail Prokhorov of the Brooklyn Nets, with $13.2


Bernucca: Brooks has to take some heat for Thunder’s loss


Through his very last timeout huddle with his team, Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks said all the right things. “We’re gonna treat them like they’re the champions,” Brooks instructed his club. “After this game, we’re gonna walk and shake their hands and acknowledge all of them. They beat us fair and square. However hard that hurts, they beat us fair and square. Give them credit.” Yes, Brooks said all the right things. It would have been nice if he had done all


AP: New Orleans to get 2014 All-Star Game, partly because of Mardi Gras schedule


Brett Martel of the Associated Press has broken a big story, that the New Orleans Hornets are going to play host to the 2014 NBA All-Star game, and the cool thing about the story is how the shifting Mardi Gras schedule for the next several years impacted the decision. Commissioner David Stern was in New Orleans today to announce the news, which comes just three days after the NBA Board of Governors approved the sale of the floundering franchise to New


Hornets finally sold to Saints owner Tom Benson


After 16 months under the ownership of the NBA, the New Orleans Hornets have been sold to Tom Benson, who owns the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. The sale was announced Friday by the Saints. On the team’s Twitter account was a post that confirmed “Tom Benson as the new owner of the New Orleans (at)Hornets!” The NBA and the Hornets have yet to make an official announcement. The NBA’s Board of Governors will vote on the sale Friday afternoon, the New Orleans