SH Blog: McGrady retires from the NBA, SVG explains why he is still friends with Dwight Howard

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When you think about what Tracy McGrady used to be and what he is now, it’s generally considered a sad thing. McGrady, who many believed to be an equal to Kobe Bryant (or better, depending on who you ask) in his prime, just finished the previous season as a bench-warmer with the San Antonio Spurs at the age of 34. It just doesn’t sound quite right, does it? No one envisioned the superstar’s career to wind down in such an anticlimactic way, but


Podcast: More Popovich bashing


Seems like all I am doing with my Friday is interview after interview bashing Gregg Popovich. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Pop. I’ve covered him with the Spurs and Team USA since 2002. When he is chippy with the media, he is never directing that chippiness at me (you have to know HOW to ask a proper question, or you are dead meat). But he is open to some serious second-guessing, and that’s what I did in this


StatBox NBA Finals Breakdown: LeBron and Wade finally coexist to lead Miami title win

LeBron James

Through the first six games of the NBA Finals, there was just one really important thing the Miami Heat just could not seem to accomplish offensively: successfully integrating Dwyane Wade and LeBron James together on the floor. Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra found the right group of players to pair with LeBron to succeed offensively against the stingy San Antonio Spurs defense. James was put at the power forward position and paired with Mario Chalmers (who can handle, shoot and ably execute


Hamilton: In and After Game 7 of the NBA Finals, History Had Repeated Itself

Heat Ring angle

2013 NBA Champions – Miami Heat MIAMI — As LeBron James stood at center court of the American Airlines Arena, he gazed up into the heavens and was bathed in white confetti in front of Bill Russell and David Stern. The king—now twice crowned—had a message for the world. “I’m LeBron James,” he said. “I’m from Akron, Ohio.” And as he stood tall, after a hard fought, seven-game battle in which he avenged his first Finals loss against Gregg Popovich