Recap: NBA D-League All-Star Game

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HOUSTON, TX — If an NBA scout or GM wanted to evaluate talent for the NBA level, the NBA D-League All Star Game certainly wasn’t the best indicator of a player’s future success.

There wasn’t much, if any, defense being played and the game was so nonchalant

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The Bernucca List – Edition V

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The answer to last week’s edition of The Bernucca List was “Members of the Knicks during the Mike D’Antoni era.” The first correct answer was given by Dan, who wins … a mention in this week’s edition. Congratulations.

Now, if you really want to win something while perusing SheridanHoops – like, say, NBA game tickets – then click here and follow the instructions.

On to this week’s list, which is short but sweet, like Salma Hayek, and more difficult than figuring out Snooki. If you think you know the answer, Tweet it to me or post it in a comment below.

The Bernucca List

Marcus Camby
Toney Douglas
Travis Leslie
Jason Richardson
Marcus Thornton
Lou Williams