Five Fast Facts From NBA Games 1.21.13


In our quest to be a better basketball site, as our motto states, this is the newest feature on, and it will present the five most interesting and fun facts from the previous day’s games. Yesterday, the NBA celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday with nine games around the league. A rivalry grew in New York, two “other” California teams continued to state their claim to be the best in the west, and a losing streak ended and continued in


MLK Day and the Trent Tucker Rule


(Stat Mann is our newest writer. If you want to know if that is his real name, you’ll have to read the bio at the bottom of his debut Five Fun Facts item highlighting five cool things that happened in yesterday’s NBA games. That feature will run every night on this site. As a bonus, the new guy is providing you with a history lesson from the MLK Day archives. [Read more…]