Tweet of the Day: Stephen Curry announces his new #SC30 contest

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Stephen Curry is one of the easier guys to tweet at and get a response on Twitter. That is why Curry takes advantage of it with his #SC30 contests. Curry does a monthly contest for his Twitter followers to participate in,

This time, Curry has a new #SC30 for the fans to do.

Curry’s new contest is “Where in the World is Stephen Curry?”

This is where his followers have to guess where Curry will be throughout the month. Stephen’s first journey before the contest begins is in Tanzania with the Malaria foundation “Nothing but Nets”.

Where will Curry be next? Find out throughout the month on Curry’s Twitter page.


Tweet of the Day: Metta World Peace wants you to come play sandball

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Metta World PeaceYou can not go through a day on Twitter without Metta World Peace tweeting something crazy or wanting fans to come hang out with him.

Today’s request by the newly-signed New York Knicks small forward is to come play sandball with him Sunday at 4 PM.

World Peace, or whatever his fans want to name him next, always is a hit with fans, whether it be getting a technical foul to pump up the crowd or just randomly wanting to talk with complete strangers all the time. Simply put, Metta is just a goofy fella.

Now, the question is, will you be one of the random Metta fans going to play Sandball with him?

From what it sounds like, I would assume this is taking place in Los Angeles or Las Vegas, the two recent stops for World Peace, but I could be wrong. I guess you will have to tweet at World Peace to get the answer.

Do not miss out playing sandball with an NBA fan-favorite Sunday at an undisclosed location!

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Tweet of the Day: Rip Hamilton loving free agency


Former NBA champion Richard “Rip” Hamilton was recently waived by the Chicago Bulls, saving the team roughly $4 million next season.

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

Rip Hamilton as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

He quickly became a free agent target for teams looking to add a veteran shooting guard.

Hamilton is clearly excited to be a free agent and seems to be embracing his time in the open market.

Along with the Tweet was the following image.

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on his Instagram, saying there are "several choices out there."

Rip Hamilton posted this picture on Instagram, saying there are “several choices out there” and added “#Imexcited.”

Hamilton displays three jerseys on his Instagram account, they are, the Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls. In order, they’re teams he’s played for in his NBA career.

That image quickly began speculation that he would like a return to Detroit alongside former teammate and friend Chauncey Billups.

Although Hamilton may not be worth the $5 million that was owed to him next season, he’s still a valuable piece to the right team. In two seasons with the Bulls, he appeared in 78 games and averaged 10.5 ppg, 2.6 apg and 1.9 rpg.

Hamilton’s shooting percentages were still honorable during his time in Chicago, he shot .438 from the field, .337 from three-point range and .833 from the free-throw line.

Will he return to the Bulls for less money? Aim to retire where it all began in Washington? Go back to where he had success with the Pistons? Or start fresh somewhere else?

Tweet of the Day: Kyrie Irving

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Blue Devil Nation had something to fee happy about today when Jabari Parker of Chicago’s Simeon H.S., widely considered the No. 1 recruit in the nation, committed to Duke for next season.

Tweet of the Day: Jeremy Lin

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We should all be grateful we are alive today. I say that to myself every time I hear of an unexpected death or tragedy, and that was certainly the case today when the Rockets announced that coach Kevin McHale’s daughter, Sasha McHale, passed away from Lupus at the tender age of 23.

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