Tweet of the Night: Kobe Bryant shows his ‘Style’ in joining Taylor Swift onstage

Kobe Taylor

We’ve officially reached the slow period of the NBA offseason, when free-agency fun is weeks removed yet the opening of training camps remains a month away. For NBA players, that lull in activity means rare downtime before their schedules pick up dramatically in late September. In some cases, that means extended family time and/or vacations. For Lakers’ icon Kobe Bryant, it also offers the opportunity to take in a Taylor Swift concert in his own arena.My pleasure @taylorswift13 Keep breaking records and changing lives #1989TourLA


Tweet of the Day: US leaders laud LeBron James for funding Akron college program


Count US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as among those impressed by LeBron James’ willingness to pay for thousands of local kids to go to college. Through a partnership between the University of Akron and the LeBron James Family Foundation, the 1,100 children currently in his “I Promise” program will receive a fully-sponsored scholarship covering tuition and the university’s general service fee — currently $9,500 per year. In addition to the 1,100 students currently in the program, an estimated 1,200 are expected


Tweet of the Night: Julius Randle Wants to Be the Next Kobe, Not Shaq


In the summer of 1996, the Los Angeles Lakers made two moves that forever altered the organization. In one offseason, L.A. acquired shooting guard Kobe Bryant on draft night and signed Shaquile O’Neal via free agency. In the years since, the Lakers have won five NBA championships. That includes a three-peat with the combination of Bryant and O’Neal intact, and another two with the former leading a new set of stars. For all of their differences, one thing can be said unequivocally: both


Tweet of the Night: Dennis Rodman Calls J.R. Smith the New Him

JR Smith

Love him or hate him, Dennis Rodman is one of the greatest players in history. A five-time NBA champion, two-time Defensive Player of the Year and seven-time rebounds leader, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the class of 2011. In a league which embodies the never-say-never mentality, it’s genuinely safe to say there’s no one quite like Rodman. Or is there? On Wednesday, October 15, Rodman took to Twitter to name the reincarnation of himself in today’s NBA. It’s not an elite defensive player, a


Tweet of the Night: If You Can’t Stop Them, Sign Them


The NBA is an evolving league. Certain aspects of the evolution have caused fans to believe that the level of competition has declined, no matter how fair or foul that theory may be. The most common criticism of this era is that players and teams have a newfound, albeit not previously uncommon mentality: those who hurt you most are the players who must be acquired. For instance, the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Shawn Marion—the same Marion who locked down franchise player LeBron James in the 2011 NBA Finals. Similarly, former Chicago


Tweet of the Night: Kevin Garnett Rules Out Becoming a Coach


Kevin Garnett is entering his 20th season as an NBA player. Garnett joins Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robert Parish and Kevin Willis as the only players in league history to ever play at least 20 seasons. Just don’t expect KG to extend his time in the league once his playing career comes to a close. Throughout the course of his illustrious career, Garnett has been known to provide unforgettable sound bytes. From mind games and insults to media dismissals and pep talks, we’ve heard it all from


Tweet of the Night: NBA Honors Phil Jackson, Zen Master Responds


Amidst a summer of sports controversy, positivity is far too difficult to find. Fortunately, Wednesday, September 17 marked the anniversary of one of the most important days in NBA history. It was Phil Jackson’s 69th birthday. Jackson is a 13-time NBA champion, winning a record 11 as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers and two as a player for the New York Knicks. Thus, Jackson has become the gold standard for the NBA. Known mostly for his unparalleled management of egos