Tweet of the Day: Damian Lillard Hits Hard On Final #4BarFriday Of Regular Season

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Portland Trail Blazers superstar point guard/ @ Dame Lill-ard/ continues to drop rhymes hard.

It’s #4BarFriday, and this time around/ as the NBA regular season winds down—

He’s illin’ on some W-W-E stuff/ wreckin’ the beat like he’s wreckin’ the Heat/ his lyrics are tough!

#4BarFriday, sure not to bore ya’/ Rest In Peace Ultimate Warrior!

My apologies. In honor of #4BarFriday, I thought it’d be fun to start with a rhyme. I leave you with Damian Lillard, he’s much better than I.

Tweet of the Day: Dwyane Wade Jamming In The Car

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Almost everyone has a favorite song. Most people listen to music while driving. And, many people enjoy singing along with their favorite song while they drive.

The same is true for professional athletes—even three-time NBA champions like Miami Heat star shooting guard Dwyane Wade, who posted a video of himself singing to one of his jams in the car.

Wade gets a good laugh at his own expense.

Tweet of the Day: Steph Curry’s Facebook Q&A

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Tuesday night the Charlotte Bobcats put the clamps on the Dubs shooters—holding the team to a pitiful 31.2-percent from the floor—in a 16-point blowout win. It was the team’s worst shooting percentage since 2004, when they shot 27.5-percent against the Memphis Grizzlies. Point guard Steph Curry shot 8-of-18 (44-percent) from the floor in the loss.

The most efficient scorer on the team—not named Curry—was Jermaine O’Neal, who made his return from wrist surgery, having shot 2-of-5 (40-percent) from the floor en route to nine points in 17 minutes.

On the heels of one of the Golden State Warriors’ most abysmal offensive outings in recent memory, the team took to the practice court to try to correct their wayward shooting. Prior to practice, point guard Steph Curry informed his followers that he’d be holding court for a Q&A afterwards on his Facebook page.

Tweet of the Day: Jermaine O’Neal Expected To Return To Action

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O’Neal after having arthroscopic surgery.

The Golden State Warriors hope to get some extra help from the bench Tuesday night as center Jermaine O’Neal is expected to make his return from wrist surgery.

O’Neal played through the early part of the season with a sprained wrist before finally missing games and subsequently requiring arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn ligament. After the surgery, he remained optimistic that he would not need to miss much of the season.

“I am NOT out for the season contrary to some of the media reports,” he informed fans on Twitter after his surgery.

Indeed, he was not out for the season.

O’Neal, who began doing one-on-one drills around two weeks ago, announced his decision to play in Tuesday night’s home game against the Charlotte Bobcats on Twitter.

Tweet of the Day: LeBron Does a Q&A

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LeBron After a double overtime loss to the Brooklyn Nets, LeBron James took to Twitter and did a questions and answers session.

Becoming a regular of the Twitter Q&As, James was having trouble sleeping after his 5 a.m. arrival in Miami. That restlessness can likely be attributed to watching the last overtime on the bench in Brooklyn. James fouled out of a regular season game for the first time since 2008. Miami fell 104-95 to the Nets and were outscored 11-2 in double OT without its star.

As seemingly bitter as James was walking out of Barclays Center Friday night, he appeared just fine interacting with fans.

James answered dozens of questions, but here’s the best of the Q&A.

First, LBJ takes a common question: “toughest player to guard man to man.” Always superb at recognizing other talent, paid tribute to Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant.


In recent years, his hairline has made headlines (pun intended). Many feel he’s insecure about his hair loss, but he ended that rumor.


James was asked if he would ever get in the way of one of Blake Griffin’s highlight reel dunks; his reply was expected.


Who wants to end up like this guy? Poor Kris Humphries.

My favorite part of the Q&A was James poking fun at himself. Now man enough to admit it, he takes a jab at his personal play during the 2011 NBA Finals. Miami lost to the Dallas Mavericks and King James was nowhere to be found. He averaged only 17.8 points per game and his shooting percentage was uncharacteristically low.


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