Scotto: Sheridan Hoops Top 10 Point Guards

Stephen Curry

Point guard is the most important and deepest position in the NBA. How deep? Take a look at some of the players not featured in our top 10 rankings at the position. You won’t find Derrick Rose, the league’s youngest MVP four years ago. Over the past three seasons, Rose has missed 185 of a possible 246 games. Asking Rose to return to his MVP form is out of the question. Asking Rose to return to his All-Star form appears bleak, too. How about


Photo of the Day: Is DeMarcus Cousins the Next Uncle Drew?

DeMarcus Cousins Uncle Drew

DeMarcus Cousins is known for a lot of things. Mostly it’s his attitude and his tendency to pick up technical fouls at an alarming rate. But on Thursday night, maybe he’ll be known for something else in the league. He posted a picture and video to his Instagram Thursday that at first glance might leave you guessing if that’s really Boogie or not. [Read more…]


Scotto: King James and Cavs Hit Stride in Royal Affair


BROOKLYN – King James beheaded the Brooklyn Nets during an epic gathering at Barclays Center, and it is now safe to say that royalty is a word befitting the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sitting on one side of the court and America’s most popular couple – Jay-Z and Beyonce – directly across, LeBron James ruled with an iron fist. [Read more…]


PODCAST: Michael Scotto Previews the NBA Season With FOX Sports Radio


In my latest SheridanHoops previews for the upcoming season I have the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks as playoff teams. What about the rest of the league? Can Kobe Bryant carry the Lakers to the playoffs with Steve Nash now out for the season? Is this the year the Chicago Bulls fulfill their potential and reach the NBA Finals? Are the Cleveland Cavaliers the title favorites with LeBron James and Kevin Love joining forces with Kyrie Irving? With that in mind, I joined FOX


Tweet of the Day: Nate Robinson in new “Uncle Drew” commercial


If you’ve ever played basketball in a recreational setting, whether at the YMCA or the local city park outdoor court, you have probably experienced the inexplicable, near magical quality that old men often display when running the court. Some old guys have that unstoppable post game, anchored by an unfailing hook shot. Some have that mid-range jumper that never misses. Still, others school young guys in the lost skill of abusing the backboard with that timeless bank shot. In continuing his part


SH Blog: Waxing poetic on new Brooklyn Arena, which is dark tonight


Congratulations to the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets for resisting the urge to relocate tonight’s opener to the Meadowlands, or to the Prudential Center in Newark, or to the Teaneck Armory (if it still exists) — all places they used to call home. Their super-hyped opener against the New York Knicks has been postponed until Nov. 26 because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy, which caused more devastation than New Yorkers and NewJerseyans are accustomed to handling. Fistfights at gas stations? Check. An inordinate amount


Uncle Drew is Back; Jumps the Shark


Uncle Drew is back, and Kevin Love and Bill Russell have joined Kyrie Irving for a second installment of the extended mockumentary commercial that went viral over the summer. Yes, Kyrie Irving once again spent several hours getting made up to look like a 70-year-old man, and the makeup folks apparently spent considerably less time adding a few years to Love’s look. As you will see below, this sequel can’t hold a candle to the original, which is shown below — underneath


Tweet of the Night: Kyrie Irving


I didn’t punch the wall…at all — Kyrie Irving (@KyrieIrving) July 15, 2012 OK, Kyrie. Then how the heck did you break a bone in your hand? Perhaps Irving is taking issue with the word “punched.” Maybe he just slapped the wall. Either way, he now needs surgery but is expected to be healed in time for the start of training camp. (RELATED CONTENT: Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant go one-one-one for $50,000) (RELATED CONTENT: Irving dominating against Team USA point guards at camp in Las