Tweet of the Day: Kobe Bryant Out For The Remainder Of The 2013-14 Season

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Father time gets the better of everyone from time to time. Just this afternoon, I played pickup ball at the local gym and he gave me the business; knees sore, hip sore, back sore, muscles fatigued…and I am no elite athlete.

Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant, however, is.

But, like myself and many other individuals in this world—All-Star athlete or not, time and injury often prevent us from doing what we love most.

For me, I love art—whether drawing or writing—as much as I love basketball, but I occasionally have bouts with wrist pain that make typing or moving a pencil difficult, just as my surgically repaired ACL doesn’t often hold up when I want to play active sports like basketball.

It’s just nature, the older the body gets, the longer recovery takes.

Bryant, who missed the first 19 games of the season while rehabilitating a torn achilles tendon, suffered a fractured lateral tibial plateau in his left knee in just his sixth game back. Since, he has been limited in his ability to play basketball, much less anything else. He has even voiced his frustrations earlier this week in a sit-down interview with

It’s progressing slowly. It really tests my patience. There’s only so much you can do, so I find myself relegated to riding the bike. After the first few weeks, it’s cool — you’re getting a good workout. Then third, fourth — I need to do something else. I want to play. I want to run. I want to do something different, but you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

The frustration, while still there, may now subside as the team has officially announced that Bryant will be sitting out the remainder of the season.

Big Day For ‘The Big Diesel’, Shaquille O’Neal


There are many names for four-time NBA champion and future Hall of Fame great Shaquille O’Neal—many of which he has given himself:  The Big Aristotle, The Big Galactus, Shaqtus, Diesel, Steel and Hobo Master (yes, Hobo Master) among others.

Thursday O’Neal celebrated his birthday. After a long NBA career and continued success off the court, perhaps it’s time to consider a new name…perhaps The Big Father Time?

As he continues to grow older, his popularity still remains. Three of the basketball organizations that he played for professionally—stateside and in international play (having won gold medals in the ’94 FIBA World Championship and ’96 Summer Olympics)—took time recognize his birthday.

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Evening News: Neal a goner from San Antonio; Kyrie a lock for USA; Oden meets with Spoelstra

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Hello and welcome to the Evening News.

As free agency continues, we’ll keep you updated every night.

What’s happening today?

Evening News: Billups: Blake’s “too nice”; Thibs and Monty join USA staff; Nets interview Kidd

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Hello and welcome to the Evening News.

As the Finals continue, we’ll keep you updated every evening. What’s happening today?

Here’s the latest from around the league:

50-at-50: A Chronology Of The 50 Greatest Jordan Moments


At the Michael Jordan statue outside the United Center

How do you rank Michael Jordan’s career achievement list?

The answer: It’s nearly impossible.

The G.O.A.T., as he’s so often referred to (by those who never saw Wilt Chamberlain play) has done so much for the game that ranking his performances simply doesn’t do justice to his illustrious career.

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