SH Blog: Cavs and Bulls battling for Kevin Love; Doc wants out if Sterling stays; Mirotic highest paid European rookie


The Chicago Bulls, along with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets are now reportedly all in the mix for Kevin Love. Cleveland still appears to be the front-runner, but Chicago, if willing, can also put an enticing package together, especially if the Cavaliers insist on keeping number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins. 


Flashes of Bucks’ bright future with Antetokounmpo, Parker emerge

Jabari Draft

LAS VEGAS- Here at the Hard Rock Hotel, the Milwaukee Bucks are 250-1 to win next year’s NBA title, the longest odds in the league. They even surpass the tank-to-the-bank Philadelphia 76ers, whose top draft pick may sit out the entire regular season for the second consecutive year. But for people not named Jason Kidd, the Bucks aren’t playing for next season. With a pair of 19-year-old kids oozing with potential, showing their natural abilities on the UNLV campus, it’s easy to


Utah Jazz Salaries and Analysis

UTAH JAZZ 2014-15 Offseason Additions:  F Trevor Booker, F Steve Novak, G Toure Murry, G Jordan Hamilton, F Joe Ingles 2014 Draft Picks: G Dante Exum, F Rodney Hood Draft Picks Coming: 2015 second round (Cleveland); 2016 second round (Golden State); 2016 second round (Boston); 2016 second round (Toronto); 2017 first round (Golden State); 2017 second round (New York); 2017 second round (Golden State); 2018 second round (Denver) Draft Picks Going: None Trade Exceptions: None Over/Under: Under the cap Amnesty Provision: UnavailablePLAYER 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19Gordon Hayward $14,750,000  $15,410,000 $16,080,000 $16,740,000Derrick Favors $12,950,000  $12.000,000 $11,050,000 $12,000,000Enes Kanter $5,690,000  $7,880,000Trevor Booker $5,000,000 $4,780,000Dante Exum  $3,620,000  $3,780,000 $3,940,000   $4,990,000 $6,620,000Steve Novak $3,450,000 $3,750,000Alec Burks $3,030,000 $9,200,000 $9,900,000 $10,600,000  $11,300,000Trey Burke  $2,550,000  $2,660,000  $3,390,000 $4,590,000Jeremy Evans $1,790,000Rodney Hood $1,290,000  $1,350,000  $1,410,000  $2,390,000 $3,470,000Rudy Gobert $1,130,000 $1,180,000 $2,120,000 $3,150,000Carrick Felix  $820,000 Ian


2014 Sheridan Hoops NBA Draft Live Blog- 12:12 a.m. Update


12:12 a.m. Eastern -Billy King could not talk about the 59th and 60th picks on record but those deals should be finalized by the end of the night. Xavier Thames and Cory Jefferson, who were selected by other teams, will be Nets. 11:53 p.m. Eastern -Thanasis Antetokounmpo, the newest Knicks player. He hopes to bring energy and effort to the team, he told reporters.                11:44 p.m. Eastern -The Knicks just took Thanasis Antetokounpo, the older brother of Milwaukee’s Giannis. He played for Delaware in the


Schayes: The NBA Draft, Back in the Day


With the NBA draft coming up, it is kind of fun to remember back to my draft day in 1981. It’s like going through your wedding album years later. But instead of the burgundy tuxedo and ruffled shirt, its 1980s hair and wide ties. Going into my senior year at Syracuse, I was a relatively unknown player. I had played behind All-American center Roosevelt Bouie and had just played my first season as the starter. Scouting was primitive by today’s standards.


Kotoch: Utah could trade Favors and No. 5 pick to Cavs for No. 1 pick


Joel Embiid of Kansas has a broken foot and needs surgery. And now that piece of news has thrown everyone’s draft projections into disarray. Embiid was listed at No. 1 in Mock Draft 4.0, but he is not there in our latest edition. So does that mean the Cavs will not draft him? Perhaps not. The Cavs are now looking at trading down a couple of spots, believing that Embiid will still be available. And with the Philadelphia 76ers coveting Andrew Wiggins,


PODCAST: Free Agency and the LeBron equation; the Gordon Hayward factor; and more on David Blatt

Man Listening to Radio

Nobody in America is going to bat quite as hard for David Blatt as myself and my staff. An open letter to Phil Jackson was part of our push, and in this interview on 1280TheZone in Salt Lake City the subject came up again. Now, I do not know if the Jazz have interviewed or plan to interview Blatt. But I would bet the mortgage that Kevin O’Connor and Dennis Lindsay of the Jazz front office know who he is, and as


Tweet of the Day: NBA All-Rookie Team Announced, Player Reaction


Thursday afternoon the NBA unveiled the 2013-14 NBA All-Rookie Team, celebrating this past season’s top young athletes. One name you will not see on the the team is the Cleveland Cavaliers’ No.1 overall draft pick Anthony Bennett, who only played in 52 games, averaging 4.2 points and three rebounds in just 12.8 minutes per game. He is just the fifth top overall draft pick to miss the All-Rookie team in 26 years. There were quite a few young rookies deserving of the