Tweet of the Night: Rudy Gobert gives a sarcastic shoutout to Lakers fans in Utah


The Los Angeles Lakers may be one of the most depleted teams in the league, but they still have plenty of fans scattered around the league. This is evident when they are on the road – there are almost always sections of Lakers fans in purple and gold, cheering them on.

On Friday, seldom-used rookie Rudy Gobert apparently heard some of those cheers for the Lakers at EnergySolutions Arena and had this to say after the contest:

That’s a great touch of sarcasm with the sad smiley face at the end of the tweet, given that his team managed to beat the Lakers 105-103 on a fantastic putback dunk by Derrick Favors.

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SH Blog: Dolan Says Woodson is Safe; Kidd Losing Support With Nets; Al Horford Tears Pectoral Muscle

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WoodsonWhile the news of the day is most certainly that Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook will be sidelined until after the All-Star break due to an unexpected arthroscopic knee surgery, life in the NBA must go on.

And on it will go for the New York Knicks, who according to ESPN’s Marc Stein, will remain intact for the time being: 

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Rookie Rankings, Week 7: Trey Burke Takes Top Spot

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Trey-Burke-Utah-JazzBack in October, our editor-in-chief asked the staff to make 10 fearless predictions for the 2013-14 season. One of the predictions I made was that Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke would win Rookie of the Year.

Just as Damian Lillard was a season ago, Burke was ideally positioned to win the award. The Jazz acquired him with the express purpose of giving him the keys to the offense. They didn’t care how many times he wrecked it.

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Schayes: Pardon Me, But Miami-Indiana Meant Next to Nothing

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Today’s big story is last night’s game between the Pacers and Heat for early bragging/validation rights.

And the boss was not happy with what went down at the end, with the officials swallowing their whistles as LeBron clearly fouled Paul George on a game-tying 3-point attempt by Paul George just before the final buzzer. The Joey Crawford conspiracy theories will only continue to grow from here.

Those are the only viable teams with a chance of winning the Eastern Conference, and the media needs something to talk about for the next four months. The Omer Asik stuff gets old after a while, you know?

So this game becomes a massive story (even though it’s not) about a building rivalry (LeBron James just said there are no real rivalries anymore) to determine dominance in the conference (it’s really just another game).

Who wins is very important to the media. But as I stated in an earlier column about “statement games,” it doesn’t mean squat come playoff time.

I think the bigger issue is that with six months to go until the NBA Finals, so many teams are out of it. In the East, only two of 15 teams have a chance of reaching the Finals. Barring a series of catastrophic injuries, it will be Indiana vs. Miami in the conference finals.

Tweet of the Day: Greg Anthony Promoting Powerful Video

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Empathy - \ˈem-pə-thē\ - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It is empathy that enables us to be emotionally moved to tears at the story of family that suffers loss or joy after hearing of someone else’s triumphant success. Empathy tugs at the proverbial heartstrings and helps us to feel for others.

Some people are more empathetic than others. Being one of them, might explain my disposition towards heartwarming or emotional stories for the Tweet of the Day.

Monday had another one, as NBA TV analyst Greg Anthony shared a gem from the Portland Trail Blazers.