Five Fast Facts from NBA Games: 3.13.13

It was a very busy night in the NBA last night as 11 games were on the schedule. For those of you who enjoy choices, you had your share of stars in NBA sky last night, as nine of the top 10 scorers and seven of the top 10 rebounders were in action. The Heat make any argument about them going undefeated for the rest of the season more and more legitimate with their 20th straight victory last night in Philadelphia,


Tweet of the Night: Bill Simmons


Just curious - how many Knicks fans would trade Carmelo for Gallinari, Chandler and Mosgov right now?
Bill Simmons
When the New York Knicks gave up a sizable chunk of solid players to acquire the services of Carmelo Anthony in the 2010-2011 season, many – especially the team’s fan base – believed that the team simply gave up too much for the scorer that too often focused on only one end of the floor. That especially appeared to be the case last season, when the Knicks struggled to an 8-15 record before the height of Linsanity, while the Nuggets


$1,000 Fantasy Tournament Closes Soon

Daily fantasy leagues are great. However, they will never replace traditional leagues, the ‘meat and potatoes’ of fantasy hoops. One-day leagues are more like dessert. Head-to-head caught on and passed Roto in popularity because it has a bit more action over the long NBA season. While both are games of skill, luck plays a larger part in H2H success, as it’s really a series of one-week “seasons.” If you’re a fan of action, enjoy testing your skill and understand that a