is Shutting Down


With a mix of sadness and pride, I am shuttering — the Web Site I founded in September 2011 and which published daily through five NBA seasons. I come from a family of journalists, and there is a level of disappointment that comes from deep inside me. You only get one or two chances to do something truly dynamic in life, and assembling a crew of veteran NBA writers — mixed in with several younger go-getters to produce quality basketball journalism


Why Sports Betting Apps Are Such a Big Deal

Sports attract a lot of viewers, and the NBA is particularly popular. People who understand sports can often predict the outcomes of particular games and that often surprises people. But predicting the outcome of an NBA game is not just something that will amuse your company, it can be very lucrative if you place a bet on it. People how are into sports betting eagerly wait for the basketball and all the other seasons to begin, as there’s not much


Cavaliers & Warriors With Tough Paths To NBA Finals

By examining the current playoff picture, we determined the chances of seeing a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors. These two teams are on track to win their first round series (the Warriors lead their series with the Rockets 2-1 while the Cavs have a 2-0 lead against the Pistons), but their road to the NBA Finals to set up a rematch from last year is long and hard. Who are the potential opponents for these


On Holiday


Due to an extraordinary set of circumstances, we are temporarily suspending publication — with the exception of our daily fantasy basketball advice columns. Hope to be back soon. #FamilyFirst.


Sheridan: My Season-Ending Awards Ballot


I always wait until the final game of the NBA season is in the books before handing in my postseason awards ballot, and the reason is twofold: If the deadline is not until Thursday afternoon, what’s the hurry? (This is how journalists work when it comes to deadlines. Most of us, anyway.) The second is because you always want to wait and see if something happens on the final night of the season to change either your ballot or your


Ladewski: Warriors Make their Mark, but Legacy is a Work in Progress


Now that the Warriors have caught and passed Michael Jordan and his 1995-96 Chicago Bulls as the first team to win 73 games in the regular season — and don’t say Sheridan Hoops didn’t warn ya a long time ago, not once, but twice — let the debate about their place in history begin. Because, you know, that’s what fans and media do when a team pulls off the darn near impossible, the utterly unthinkable in this age of metrics and quantitative