History of Metta World Peace Suspensions


This infamous melee broke out during the final minute of an early-season game between the Pacers and Pistons.

8. March 19, 2004: Suspended one game for elbowing Derek Anderson of the Portland Trail Blazers.

7. March 20, 2003: Suspended two games for accumulated flagrant foul points.

6. March 13, 2003: Suspended one game for a flagrant foul in a game between the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers.

5. March 9, 2003: Suspended one game for accumulated flagrant foul points.

4. February 26, 2003: Suspended one game by the Indiana Pacers for undisclosed disciplinary reasons.

3. January 29, 2003: Suspended four games for his actions during a game against the Miami Heat. Among his transgressions: Flipping the bird at the crowd, fouling the Heat’s Caron Butler, confronting Pat Riley, and taunting the Heat bench.

2. January 4, 2003: Suspended three games for throwing a television monitor and smashing an HD camera, which was a relatively new (and expensive) item in those days. Here is a link to the game story I wrote that night at Madison Square Garden.

1. February 21, 2001: Suspended one game for fighting with Glenn Robinson of the Milwaukee Bucks.


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