Sheridan: Open Letter to Adam Silver; Re: Playoffs


Good afternoon, Adam. Hope you are having a nice time filling out your NCAA bracket. I imagine you have Duke winning, since you got your undergrad degree there. A word of caution: Beware Larry Brown’s SMU Mustangs in the South Regional final. It’s fun filling out an NCAA bracket, isn’t it, Adam? So many games between teams that almost never play each other. That’s what makes it so special. Which brings us to the upcoming NBA playoffs, which are not going to be


10 Fast Facts from Last Night’s Games

The 2014-15 NBA regular season continued on Sunday, March 15. A perennial All-Star returned from an extensive injury absence, a number of championship contenders clashed and a number of superstars put forth outstanding performances. Here’s how it all transpired. [Read more…]


VIDEO: No Smoothing Means $90 Million Cap; Fiscal Insanity?


Now that the NBA Players union has rejected the league’s “smoothing” proposal to gradually increase the salary cap, we are going to see extraordinary financial changes over the next several years. When the NBA’s new television money kicks in for the 2016-17 season, the salary cap — currently at $64 million — will jump to an estimated $90 million. That means a player like Kevin Durant, who will be eligible for a starting salary worth slightly less than 35 percent of