Sheridan: Spurs are going to the NBA Finals

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Back in the preseason, I predicted the San Antonio Spurs would be returning to the NBA Finals, where they would defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers for that elusive second straight championship. Nothing I have seen over the past month and a half has convinced me that my prediction was faulty, and San Antonio’s demolition of the Golden State Warriors over the weekend only reinforced my belief in the Spurs. If you give a read to Chris Bernucca’s column on Kawhi Leonard and


VIDEO: Bobby Gonzalez on FOX Sports


“Even without a team. I’m still a coach.” That’s how Bobby Gonzalez opened this interview with Tamara Holder on Sports Court on FOX, and that is the truth. Yes, Gonzo is spending a season as a columnist, video analyst and radio guest for this site, but the endgame here is for Gonzo to land a job in the NBA, helping lead the team that is smart enough to hire him to an NBA championship. I like to tell people that Gonzo has


Gonzo: NCAA Final Four Preview

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Editor’s Note: Whether coaching or forecasting, Bobby Gonzalez knows college basketball. He went 8-0 picking games in the Sweet Sixteen a year ago, 7-1 in that round this year and 3-1 in last weekend’s regional finals. This is not some Bozo. It’s Gonzo. He knows what he’s talking about. It was 1991 and I was standing in the crowd at the Final Four as a New York City high school coach, watching All-American Larry Johnson of the dominant, unbeaten UNLV team